Vastu Tips if you are Buying or Renting New Flat

Vastu Tips if you are Buying or Renting New Flat

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural discipline, has been used to find and design the optimum living places. Vastu-compliant residences and plots allow residents to enjoy happier, wealthier, healthier, and more prosperous lives. This ancient approach has gained traction in the real estate industry for locating the ideal locations, plots, and constructions for both residential and commercial reasons.  Talk to Astrologer

Apartment Entrance Vastu Advice

A stylish entrance should always be the first consideration when analyzing the design plan or layout of a plot or a development (flat or apartment). The front door is the key to bringing joy and happiness to the entire household. A building's entrance can be found in 32 different places in each living area. Each of these 32 sites is significant in its own right and has a direct impact on our lives.

For example, an entry in the southeast zone, often known as the Vastu zone of cash, causes payments to be delayed. A southwest entry is one of the least Vastu-compliant entrances and families that live there may have significant financial and relational problems.If you have an entrance in the north, on the other hand, you can expect substantial success in financial and business matters, as well as career opportunities. If the property or apartment you want to buy doesn't have a Vastu-compliant entrance, you can still buy it and use some simple Vastu remedies to make it Vastu-compliant. 

A room layout that is Vastu Compatible

When a room is placed correctly, you will get the most out of it. Depending on the zone in which it is located, each room has a beneficial or negative impact on the lives of the people who reside in it. A living room in the east zone, for example, is suitable for cultivating and deepening social ties. Vastu, on the other hand, advises against placing a bedroom between the east and southeast. According to Vastu, sleeping in these zones causes tension and conflict with one's partner. Chat with Astrologer, A toilet should not be built between the house's north and northeast zones. It can harm the family's immunity and health. The southeast is a great location for kitchens. The northeast and southwest are not recommended for planning a kitchen. 

Panchtattava, a five-element analysis

There are 16 zones or orientations in space that make up a dwelling environment. The zone has a major element that influences many elements of our lives. The north zone, for example, is dominated by water. Wealth, growth, career, monetary gains, and so forth are the key characteristics of this zone. As a result, any imbalance in this zone has a direct influence on the residents' professional, business, and financial health. Similarly, in the south zone, fire is the most influential element. Sleep and relaxation are the key features of the south zone.

When buying a house, it's important to look at the layout of the various rooms and interior components. Kitchens, toilets, balconies, slopes, open spaces, water tanks, gardens, service lanes, neighbour's water storage, rainwater drainage, building height, shafts, and so on are all examples of these. Water in the north, the air in the east, fire in the south, earth in the southwest, and space in the west — each of the five elements, or Panchtattava, must be present in its corresponding zone.

Apartment Vastu remedies 

What if you've already paid for a house or the deposit? such instance, you can employ Vastu’s fourth check-space programming. You don't need to dismantle or demolish your property if you use contemporary Vastu applications and procedures. You may balance the components in a zone using easy and efficient Vastu treatments and strategies. Colors, forms, lighting, metals, and symbols all work well in this regard. 

The importance of Vastu examinations for apartments cannot be overstated.

Your Residence's Entrance

Vastu Shastra advises against having a south or west entrance to your property. The reasoning for this is that the infrared rays that enter your home around noon will have a significant negative influence on your health. It is preferable to enter from the north or north-east. This 

will ensure that you have sunlight in your home all day. 


The most ideal bedroom is in the southwest corner. This is essential if you want to ensure that your house is calm have where you can rest and relax while sleeping well. Astrology Advice, It is helpful to know that Vastu does not promote bedrooms that are irregularly formed. Therefore, you should look for square or rectangular rooms. 

Vastu and Kitchen Design

According to Vastu, the kitchen should face southeast. This ensures that food is processed in an easterly direction. It is not a smart idea to place the kitchen in front of the front entrance.

In flats, Vastu for children's rooms

Consider putting your child's bedroom in the flat's northeast corner or northwest zone. In such circumstances, the windows should be on the north wall, since this allows for plenty of natural light while also preventing the entry of harmful infrared rays. 

Your apartment's restrooms and toilets The majority of people overlook the flat's bathroom. It's crucial to determine if the bathroom/toilet is located in the flat's northwest or southeast corner. Also, keep the restrooms apart from the pooja room and the kitchen.