Our Testimonial

Anand Prasad

Anand Prasad


During Lockdown, I found this website when I was feeling low because I felt everything was going wrong. There was no turning back after a call with the Astrology Kart expert. The astrologer gave me a few life hacks during our session.

Annirudh Pandey

Annirudh Pandey


I didn't like the astrologer from Astrology Kart's first attitude as he gave some harsh remarks about my nature, although it was for my benefit as he was giving a reality check .Later, I got what he was trying to say and now I am excelling in every task.

Shivani Jha

Shivani Jha


My experience with Astrology Kart was very good as I was facing health problems for past one year and they suggested me to wear gemstones and to do a specific pooja. Now, my health is stable. You must visit AstrologyKart.

Sagar Thakur

Sagar Thakur


I have checked few websites and I found that they have calculated as per the online AI chart however Astrology Kart was just the opposite as here I got the oppurtunity to Talk to Astrologer and they made my birth chart online.

Shubham Roy

Shubham Roy


It was really unbelievable for me that I got the job as per their predicted period. The astrologer from Astrology Kart clearly said that I will get the job around April to June 2022.

Sheema Dubey

Sheema Dubey


According to the astrologer from Astrology Kart, I should perform navgraha pooja for peace and serenity for my family. As a result of the pooja, my business is doing well. This is something I would recommend to everyone.

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar


The Astrologers from Astrology Kart are really supportive while I was in the conversation they were suggesting me tips and tricks about how to tackle things.

Vikash Rana

Vikash Rana


Since I was unable to understand what was creating a hurdle in my career, I was really concerned about my career. But Astrology Kart astrologers gave me some suggestions on how I can solve all these problems.

What is Astrology? - Talk to best astrologer in India

Astrology is the basic feature that mostly connects with the scientific transcended reading and helps people to provide the right direction to their future. Astrology never claims to be a perfect or accurate reading however it gives a basic rough idea of what currently a person is going through, and consecutively it helps in giving those solutions through their astronomy knowledge. It is also called an art of pseudoscience that professes to observe certain information related to human affairs or other sublunary events by gaining the knowledge of the movements and respected positions of celestial objects. Astrology is the oldest form of culture that is still now perceived as an important part of our daily lifestyle. Astrology never tries to be superstitious, however; it really tries you to learn with leading knowledge so that reason behind every certain logic is provided by an astrologer in the quickest way.

Why Astrology is required?

Every human need a basic guidance related to astrology as there are certain things that are correlated to science. Astrology states that cleanliness is very necessary for wealth consecutively science also claims that cleanliness is essential as dust can invite lots of diseases and harm your health. So, astrology is interrelated to science with no actual logic however science always has logic and solution to deal with the problem. Astrology has different intricacies where they have to study different cosmic objects in the celestial bodies usually about planets and stars in the solar system.

There is a total of 8 planets in the solar system however in astrology the planets are counted as nine, and they are stated as NAVGRAHAS. The interesting part is that Earth is not considered as part of planets in astrology. Here you will only find Mars (Mangala), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Rahu (north node of the moon), Ketu (south node of the moon). Sun (Surya), and Moon (Chandra).

Surprising part is that you must have heard about Rahu and Ketu always have a negative impact in the Kundli however it is right for sometimes however this is not the full truth as it only depends on which house the both planets are present. Sometimes Ketu can be beneficial for your Kundli as it happens quite a few times that Ketu is present at different house of Kundli and impacts positively.

What is the reason that Astrology is still sustained as a culture or tradition?

Astrology has a wide history for several years as dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE and many cultures have claimed it as an important part of life. These cultures are Hindus, Maya, or Chinese. However, in the west, the people mostly value the horoscope system to explain the aspects of life by the human personality, and predict the future through positions of different celestial bodies around the universe like the sun, moon, or other planets by their time zone or birth time.

There was printing in the 16th century (1551 printing of Julius Firmicus') where he shares the astrological and astronomical work of the 4th century in which he basically discusses the Greeks, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, and Chaldeans. In that volume of scripts, many discuss the astrological prowess of some people from Chaldea, a small country in Mesopotamia that existed in the mid-6th to 9th or 10th centuries BCE.

This totally proves that there was a time that people use to follow the way of astrology where they used to read or understand the celestial bodies by looking onto their birth chart which comprises the nine planets, or you can say “Navgrahas”.

Astrology Advice

Are you afraid for your future? What will happen to your newly bought house? Here is the solution for your life-changing experience called Astrology Kart. It simply adds a full stop to your apprehensions for the future. Get best astrology advice online from Astrology Kart. The astrologers will bring calmness to your thoughts as they will provide you the solutions to tackle the problems related to your Manglik dosh, Vastu for your home, and other remedial related to your horoscope.

A zone where you can get free consultations on live basis and let your choice have the top most priority and have the consultation with the astrologers as per your comfort and free to choose according to your choice. We provide you the freedom to choose the budget-friendly experts whom you can consult easily from your home at any time.

Just Sign up within no time and book your astrologer for fixed consulting duration. No hindrances involved like waiting for consultations, no travelling and high fees charging as here you can choose the astrologers as per your convenience and pocket friendly. This space is full of verified astrologers from different parts of the country that will share their best expert knowledge and skill with you to make your life opportune and contented.

There are features like Talk to astrologer and chat with astrologer which will give you the best advice for the future. The chat with astrologer makes it convenient as if the clients is hesitating to have a video call personally however there they can send messages and ask with the astrologers, and they can easily have end-to-end encrypted chats. The best way to have one on one conversation where they can talk to them in live where the astrologer can connect with them personally and have a conversation.

  • Astrology Kart provides you the best life changing consultations through the oldest knowledge of Astrology as they want to tell you the best version of yourself. They will help you in guiding you about your marriage, love life, career, and relationship and health related advice. These predictions will not only enhance you as a person however will make your life much more stable.
  • The Astrology Kart is a platform where you can connect with every form of astro readers like from numerology to Gemstone or Lal Kitab to Match Making. The best part is that you can get consultations in different languages like Hindi, English, Gujarati and Bengali.
  • Astrology Kart is a 24x7 portal service where you can have chat with Astrologer service and talk to astrologer service for 24 hours as per your convenience.

Talk or Chat with Astrologer

In this age of personal connections, the pandemic has reshaped astrology. We've adapted by offering diverse ways to interact with our astrologers, allowing you to engage in personal conversations from anywhere, anytime. At Astrology Kart, safety is paramount, and we're promoting online astrology methods for the well-being of all.

Why Astrology Kart?

Talking to the best astrologer is a quick and easy way to discuss your problems over the phone and obtain effective remedies. You may use this service to speak with a professional astrologer over the phone and express your feelings without worrying about being criticized. It's like sharing your feelings with a close one and getting advice and solutions. The best part is that you'll meet someone more than just a friend thanks to the "Talk to Astrologer" or “Chat with Astrologer” option. You will be accompanied by a guide, specialist, therapist, and healer. You discover an efficient method for obtaining professional advice and inspiration to live a more fulfilling and wealthy life.

Customers who wish to get online astrological consultation via Call or chat with an astrologer over the phone must make an appointment. They must first select their chosen period and provide their name, phone number, and email address on the Talk to Astrologer service page. Every user will be given the first 5 minutes free to ask questions and chat with astrologer.

Your information is kept completely private. We will never, ever share your information with anyone else. Yes, you may schedule additional sessions and even increase your time limit. All you need to do is log in to our website, Astrology Kart. We will offer you the necessary payment and registration assistance on our website so that you may visualize which astrologer is ideal for your inquiries and your budget.

You may communicate with renowned Indian astrologers online at any time and from any location. Our online astrologers are always available to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding love, work, finances, and other aspects of life.
You should rely on website astrologers for predictions about your life and future. Obtaining an Astrology Advice Online consultation is identical to getting one in person. The only difference is that instead of an in-person consultation, you get it here via live chat or live speak. The astrologer on Talk or chat uses the same approach to prepare and evaluate your horoscope during an online consultation session. They give reliable and accurate information about your life aspects and create forecasts based on rigorous astrological calculations.

Before making any decision while buying online you always check their ratings and reviews. Consequently, in Astrology Kart, you can search reviews and bios to get a sense of the astrologers' knowledge and skill. These give information about their knowledge, experience, and expertise in astrology. Client evaluations are the first way to learn about the ideal astrologer online while speaking and talking live to them is the second way to learn about their skills.

There should be a reputable and knowledgeable astrologer on the website for online consultation. Aside from that, websites that provide you with many possibilities for connecting with astrologers and different astrologers online are seen as beneficial and auspicious. Astrology Kart is India's top online astrological consultation website, meeting all of the requirements for offering effective astrology services. It provides simple access to qualified astrologers via chat/talk and offers a variety of skilled, authentic, and top astrologers to pick from.

Astrology is an old method of predicting upcoming events. It is the science that predicts life outcomes by calculating planetary motions, Nakshatras, Dashas, Yoga, and other astrological characteristics. It has been regarded as the most reliable and precise method of predicting the future since Vedic times. Ancient sages employed horoscopes and astrological computations to predict marriage, terrible and happy moments, forthcoming chances and difficulties, sicknesses, and other events. Even today, certain competent and experienced astrologers can assist you in determining your past, present, and future circumstances by constructing your horoscope and evaluating the connected astrological features.

Astrology Kart is one of the most reputable and reliable astrological websites around, with a reputation for providing excellent customer service in astrology consultations. Top astrologers from India may be found here who are not only genuine but also experienced and informed. Every online astrologer at Astrology Kart is dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about astrology. They guarantee that they comprehend the seeker's concerns and provide the most appropriate and most effective way to address them. They also maintain a pleasant attitude during online sessions so that the seeker feels calm and comfortable addressing their worries.

Why choose our team of Astrologers?

Our teams of Astrologers are very keen and prowess in their field of astrology. Everyone here is very professional with their work. You can check their ratings and can easily choose one of them to interact with you. But the question is “Is this mode applying all the privacy of customers?” Yes, it is absolutely safe and secured as we have a team of a verified panel of astrologers from different parts of the world to interact with you and this chat or talk is basically end-to-end encrypted. All your personal information will be secured just share all your problems with our chosen astrologer and forget every stress related to your personal details. Lastly, you can share your feedback with us on whether your experience with the astrologer was worth the money. You can give them ratings also for further proceedings.