If your Child Struggles To Concentrate at Studies, try these Remedies

If your Child Struggles To Concentrate at Studies, try these Remedies

Vastu Tips for Kids Room: Children have complete control over their minds. Every youngster has a speciality as well as likes and dislikes. Some children are so bright that they are usually visible in copybooks. Talk to Astrologer Online, At the same time, some youngsters flee when they hear the word "education." His concentration is not on his schoolwork. Such children divert their attention away from their schoolwork.

Children's focus has suffered as a result of the corona outbreak. They can, however, direct their attention to studies by using Vastu and Astrological treatments. Candles in the children's room are one of the cures. Please tell us in which direction candles should be put in the children's rooms to keep their minds focused on their studies. Know additional astrological cures to help youngsters focus on their schoolwork.

Children are drawn to studies and feel engaged in studies when a candle is lit in the eastern, north-eastern, or southern region of their room. At the same time, their mental ability grows.

Which way should the candle not be lit?

So far, we've discussed where candles can be put. However, there are specific areas where candles should not be burned. Astrology Advice Online, Placing a candle in the north direction of the house, for example, obstructs the arrival of money and can also damage the financial status of the property. As a result, candles should not be lit in the north corner of the home.

Do not place the candle in this direction

Candles should not be put in the house's northwest corner. In this case, candles, that is, placing a candle, causes tension among family members and a feeling of jealously towards family members in the mind.

Dimensions of the study table and chair

The study table should be rectangular in shape. Although irregular form may appear appealing to some, it hinders attentiveness in studies. If possible, arrange the table so that the youngster does not face the wall. Make sure the chair's back is likewise sturdy.

Astrological practices to improve focus 

Astrology says that in addition to burning a ghee lamp in front of an image of Lord Vishnu, providing water to the banana tree and applying tilak on the kid from the soil there is also good.

According to astrology, if your child does not want to study at all, but a little piece of alum in his pocket and apply saffron tilak to his forehead and navel on a daily basis.

• It is also regarded as good to offer religious books and pens at the shrine of Lord Vishnu every Thursday in order to promote the child's enthusiasm for learning.

• Your child's study table should always face east or north in the room where he studies.

• Prevent youngsters from eating in bed, since this can lead to terrible nightmares and negative energy. Chat with Astrologer Online, Children should not be allowed to eat on the bed since it is a place for rest and relaxation. 

• Avoid putting too many electronic equipment in a child's room, according to Vastu, because they cause significant electromagnetic stress and hazardous radiation. This might have a detrimental impact on a child's ability to concentrate.

• Astrologers advise using light green or light yellow colours in the room to brighten the area and regulate mood swings. Avoid using black and blue bed sheets, carpets, and wallpaper, among other things, as they might elicit negative feelings in a youngster.

• Unused stationery, such as pens without refills, unsharpened pencils, damaged books, old books, or newspapers, among others, generates bad vibrations, according to Vastu principles. To clear the route to achievement, the study table or desk should be clutter-free. Avoid putting shoes or slippers under the table since it interferes with focus.

• Wild animal soft toys should be kept out of a child's room since they encourage violence in children.

• According to Vastu, children should avoid sleeping underneath a direct beam or an underground wardrobe since it causes stress and worry.