How to Choose the Right Furniture For Bedroom According to the Vastu?

How to Choose the Right Furniture For Bedroom According to the Vastu?
  1. Know the right VASTU for bedroom furniture
  • According to the website, The sacred text Vastu Shastra comprises the sacred wisdom of Vastu, which is the science of architecture based on the effects of cosmic energies, the five primordial elements, and various directions on the occupants of a structure based on its construction and usefulness.
  • VastuShastra for Home is a set of Vastu-based principles that apply to a residential property, Chat with Astrologer , and it is something that one must take very seriously and diligently follow in order to maintain a steady flow of incredibly powerful and positive cosmic energies in one's home, which have the potential to bring good health, abundant wealth, as well as growth and success in life!
  • The Importance of Vastu-Friendly Furniture
  • A house's construction must not only be Vastu compliant, but the furnishings put inside must also be Vastu compliant. This is due to the fact that all inanimate items generate particular sorts of energy, with furniture being towards the top of the list!
  • Because we spend the most time in our bedrooms, the furniture we choose for it takes centre stage, contributing to the overall Vastu of the space and its effects on those who spend the most time there. 
  • When choosing the sort of furniture we want and the direction of our bedroom in which we want to place that furniture, Vastu for Bedroom Furniture is highly important to keep in mind.
  • Wood Types for Furniture
  • Your bedroom furniture should be built from trees that are regarded auspicious, such as Sagwan, Sandalwood, Neem, Ashok, Arjun, and others. This is due to the fact that the wood from such trees attracts very favourable energy to the location where it is maintained in the shape of furniture, bringing serenity, joy, health, riches, and success to those who spend time there.
  • The Furniture Design

While there are many design options available when it comes to furniture, certain considerations should be made, such as the furniture should not have pointed edges because they attract energies that promote bickering and disagreements among family members, Talk to Astrologer, as well as posing a physical danger to children. Choose furnishings with soothing motifs, such as flowers, the rising sun, gorgeous leaves, and so on, to assist bring peace and joy into the bedroom. 

  • The furniture's orientation
  • The furniture must be placed in such a way that it benefits the bedroom's overall energy field and, as a result, the people who will be sleeping there. The bed, for example, should be positioned so that the native's feet face north. Astrology Advice Online, To neutralize the negative energy that travels from that direction, heavy furniture should be put toward the south. For help, go to Website.
  • The dressing table with mirror should not be placed immediately in front of the bed; instead, it should be placed near to the bed. The almirah or safe housing the valuables storage should be located to the north or east since this encourages riches and success. If there isn't enough space in the South to accommodate heavy furniture, it can be moved to the West.
  • Consult a Vastu Professional for website Suggestions for Wealth that you can utilize in your bedroom, and your entire house for that matter, to get tips on how to make your home's aura pure, positive, and profitable.
  • A disrupted condition of Vastu, or a ‘Vastu dosh,' in your home invites malefic forces, which manifest as roadblocks, squabbling, loss of riches, terrible family connections, and life failures.
  • Having the proper Vastu in your home is the key to true riches, love, peace, and success in life.