Divine Vastu tips for happy married life

Divine Vastu tips for happy married life

Marriage is regarded as one of the most fortunate occasions in a person's life. The bond between a man and a woman, or between a husband and a wife, is extremely holy. It is also thought that matches are created in heaven, but in our physical sphere, efforts must be done to have a special attachment in the relationship. As a result, it's critical to keep track of this link. While they may have many differences, it is critical that they understand one another despite the disparities.
The path of life becomes less complex and more adventurous if the husband and wife maintain enough understanding. However, there are times when a partnership hits a tough patch and life seems hopeless. Furthermore, this relationship comprises not just two persons but also two families. As a result, even if things do not go as planned, both the husband and the wife must play their parts in changing and staying together.
Vastu Shastra, on the other hand, plays an important function in positively altering this connection. Furthermore, if necessary precautions are followed to develop a solid connection employing Vastu, the results will undoubtedly be fruitful!

Divine Vastu tips

We've given you some Vastu advice that will help you find devotion, joy, and prosperity in your married life. We should think of them in this light. Talk to the Astrologer

Room's direction

You should position your bed in the house's southwest or northwest direction. This, it is thought, would keep the couple's love and resemblance alive. The direction of your room should be west, south, or south-west. This is where love and feeling triumph, solidifying your relationship.

The room's lighting

If there is a light emission over the bed, it is considered ominous. According to Vastu, these light emissions disrupt your sleep and have a detrimental impact on the couple's well-being. The house's windows are blocking any light from reaching the bed. Place a drapery if it looks that it will be unavoidable.

Work In the room

Avoid doing office work in the room if you don't want to harm your relationship with your spouse. Attempt to maintain as much tranquilly in your room as possible. If you usually do some extra work in the room, keep that in mind. Place your desks, pillows, chargers, and books in a separate room. These items have the potential to destroy your mood in the room. Chat With Astrologer

Sleeping position

Your head is in the south direction while you are resting. Room dividers should be painted in shades of blue, pink, yellow, and orange. Darker, dull, black, and cream shades should be avoided since they tend to make the space appear more harsh. There should be no mirror in front of the bed, according to Vastu Shastra. This can be extremely harmful to your health.

Wooden beds

According to Vastu, wood generates warm vitality, whilst metal beds generate chilly vitality. Wooden beds are always a good choice for a warm and inviting atmosphere in your room.

Flowers and lamps in the bedroom

Fresh blooms may infuse your love life with their scent. It will also eliminate the unpleasant odor from your room and create a pleasant atmosphere. Keep a safe space between you and the fake blossoms. Extravagant light shades will give the space a sensual feel and a sense of elegant curiosity. Green and blue colours are commonly used to improve one's mood. Astrologer Advice