10 Ways to Incorporate Vastu in your Home

10 Ways to Incorporate Vastu in your Home

It is said that "home is where the heart is." We desire to be at home, whether it's at the conclusion of a long day or first thing in the morning. A stay-at-home parent wants comfort, solace, and fond memories with his or her family. Because our house is so essential to us, we are often worried about protecting it from the negative energies that surround us. Each house has its own energy type, according to numerous traditional beliefs, however it is critical to have dwellings that radiate positive energy.
Here are some basic yet powerful techniques to help you protect yourself and your family from the negative aspects of life:

The Entrance in the Correct Direction

The main entryway is said to be the most important component of the house. When a house is built according to Vastu principles, it gives enormous happiness and wealth to everyone who lives there. The optimum entry direction is north or east, with the door opening towards the inside of the house. Astrology Advice

The House's Color

Colors, like entrances, play an important function in boosting the optimism of your house. Use natural hues like white, green, and sky blue while painting your house. This will allow your home to absorb positive energy, which will benefit your entire family's health and well-being.
Every evening and dawn, light lights, Diyas, and incense at home. This acts as a cleanser and repels negativity as well as any evil eye.
Keep in mind that the kitchen should be constructed in the house's southeast corner. Another good choice is the northwest corner. Nonetheless, ensure that the gas stove is positioned to the southeast. Talk to Astrologer
Make your kitchen impervious to all ills. Always keep drugs out of the kitchen, as the kitchen denotes health and pleasure, whereas medicines denote the opposite.
There should be no mirrors in the bedroom, according to Vastu. If you have a dressing table or a mirror in your closet, you must cover it with a curtain while sleeping. Also, keep the mirror away from the bed, as it might lead to health problems and family strife.
Plants provide a lot of energy, but not all of them do it in a positive way. Avoid plants that produce milk within the home, such as cactus and rubber plants, as they disrupt the house's stability and harmony.
Use wind chimes as tinkling bells to assist break bad energy and allow positive energy to flow freely. They're also a lovely choice for house décor.
The holy emblem for riches and prosperity is Swastik. In-house use of Swastik symbols is recommended. Draw holy symbols such as Swastik and OM on the outside of your main entrance on a daily basis, and place Holy Water (Ganga Jal) in dark and disused parts of your home, changing it weekly.
Most individuals like storing superfluous items, however they not only take up room but also carry bad energy. So keep your house clean and clutter-free to attract positive energy and money into your home.
Because hardwood furniture is meant to provide harmony to the family, you should always prefer wooden furniture over new contemporary materials for your home. When the furniture is in regular shapes like rectangular, round, or square, it functions well.
*Bright colours produce happy feelings in the house. Brown and almond are good choices for the master bedroom. If you're freshly married, stay away from dark colours. Yellow, pink, and orange are happy colours that provide a calm environment. Chat with Astrologer