Why Every Bride Wears a Red Bridal Dress?

Why Every Bride Wears a Red Bridal Dress?

In India, every bride wears a red color dress even if it is a saree or a lehenga. There are several views on why red is only chosen for the wedding attire all these queries will be solved in this blog.

As per the Hindu Mythology, Goddess Durga is considered to be an aspiration and the red color naturally depicts as the blazing image. When all the Gods failed to kill Mahishasura they took the help of the Goddess to kill the Mahishasura to establish harmony and peace in the universe. Durga is considered a fierce powerful goddess who reflects the image of strength of every Indian woman.

As per astrology, Mars (Mangal) is in the charge of weddings and the color of the planet mars is also red. Astrology Advice, to manifest the symbol of fertility and wealth usually brides wear red.

Red is denoted as the universal color so you see that people make commitments with red roses or propose someone with red color roses as most people claim that red is the color of love. So, it is not hidden why girls like to wear only a red dress at their wedding.

Red is the color of god which eventually signifies to be auspicious. So, what’s big than a wedding? The wedding is considered to be a pure and auspicious occasion so every bride wears a red dress and nowadays the concept of wedding planning goes with the theme of matching the setup with the red-colored bridal dress.

In Hindu wedding, usually the celebration continues for two to three days at a stretch. The Mehendi ceremony, then the Tilak, followed by the sangeet is only the beginning of the marriage proceedings. Red sarees in different styles and types make an appearance in almost all these events of celebrations.

Nowadays everyone wants a lavish setup so they plan different functions like the Mehendi ceremony, Tilak ceremony, followed by the Haldi and Sangeet ceremony which continues at a stretch of two to three days and lastly ends with marriage. Talk to Astrologer, on the wedding day the bride needs to look different from others and so their appearance is a bit taken care of among all these events so they wear a red-colored bridal dress.

In Hindu religion, the prime focus is the wedding on time when the groom enters the stage and the bride unites as a wedding couple and to make the occasion look more beautiful they consider wearing a red bridal dress at the wedding. In all parts of the country, most of the bride wears a red bridal saree or lehenga which depicts the red color as sacred in the Hindu religion.

You can see that nowadays Bollywood celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Mouni Roy have again started the culture of wearing red banarasi silk sarees which are made up of intricate zari work on that handloom. The fashion is not stopping over here as the list continues like most of the Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Patralekha, Sonam Kapoor wore a red lehenga with detailed gotta-Patti work. The work is top-notch and which is remarkable. Every bride drapes a banarsi or a lehenga at their wedding for celebrating the day of her marriage with all the blessing of God. Other kinds of sarees are also worn like Opada, Kanchipuram, georgette, etc, which have a detailed zari work as these are lightweight dresses which are also considered to be worn on their wedding day.

Colors have a great impact on our day-to-day life and motivate us to decide on life. So, red has been chosen for every auspicious occasion which denotes passion and love. Chat with Astrologer, red is the center of attraction color and whenever someone wears a red color dress automatically they draw the attention. Nowadays everyone goes with the fashion as they team up with Green Kundan jewelry however; the best combination is the traditional gold jewelry which makes the bride look magnificently beautiful on her wedding day. Whoever is the part of the wedding the bride will make a mark on everybody’s mind as she looks exquisitely different from others in the best way on that huge occasion.