Why Angarki Chaturthi 2022 is Celebrated?

Why Angarki Chaturthi 2022 is Celebrated?

Angarki Chaturthi 2022: Please make Ganpati Ji pleased with these Angarki Chaturthi measures, and you will be debt-free.

April 2022 is Sankashti Chaturthi. Because Tuesday falls on this day, it will be known as Angaraki Ganesh Chaturthi, according to the Upay Panchang. Chat with Astrologer, On this day, in addition to worshiping Lord Ganesha, you can get rid of debt by using some astrological cures.

April 2022 is Sankashti Chaturthi. Upay: In Hinduism, Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi is very important. On this day, it is mandatory to worship Lord Ganesha in accordance with the law. According to the Panchang, the Ganesh Chaturthi fast is observed on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Vaishakh. However, because it falls on a Tuesday, it is known as Angaraki Sankashti Chaturthi. This Chaturthi is regarded as very auspicious for debt repayment.

Learn about the auspicious hour and mode of worship for Sankashti Chaturthi today. Want to Talk to Astrologer Online?

On the day of Angaraki Chaturthi, a person can get rid of debt by adopting certain particular measures, and there can also be prosperity in the family, as well as a growth in riches and food. Learn whatever astrological steps must be followed on the day of Sankashti Chaturthi.

  • If you are not succeeding despite your efforts, then worshiping Ganapati will help. Today, chant Lord Ganesha's mantra 'Shri Ganeshaya Namah' 11 or 21 times for good luck.
  • If you want your business to grow steadily, offer Lord Ganesha 11 knots of Durva on this day. With this, you will not incur a loss in business and will not have to confront any form of debt.
  • On Sankashti Chaturthi, offer modak or boondi laddus to Lord Ganesha to increase riches. This will be advantageous. You can use this cure on Wednesday as well if you desire. There will never be a scarcity of money in your home with this.
  • If you wish to get rid of debt, go to Lord Ganesha's temple on this day and worship him with rituals while chanting the mantra Om Ganapataye Namah. You will also save money as a result of this.
  • If you wish all of your work to be done without delay, recite this mantra 11 times on the day of Angaraki Sankashti Chaturthi while worshiping Lord Ganesha.

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा

  • If you wish to help your father's financial situation, gift Lord Ganesha 5 white-colored shells on the day of Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi. Astrology Advice Online, Following worship, these cowries should be wrapped in scarlet cloth and stored in a cabinet or vault.