When is Hanuman Jayanti?

When is Hanuman Jayanti?

Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Hanuman Jayanti will be observed on the full moon day of Chaitra month, according to the Panchang. The full moon in Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month falls on April 16th this year. Astrology Advice Online, This day is known as Hanuman Jayanti. The Navratri festival (Navratri 2022) is now taking place. On April 10th, Ram Navami (ram Navami Navratri 2022) is observed. Following that, the Hanuman Jayanti celebration will be observed.

When is Hanuman Ji's birthday in 2022?
It is customary to celebrate the full moon day of Chaitra Shukla as Hanuman Ji's birthday. The day of Hanuman Jayanti is regarded as the most auspicious for obtaining the blessings of Hanuman Ji. Religious events are held around the country on this day. On this day, Hanuman worshippers fast and worship Hanuman Ji.

Date and Muhurta for Hanuman Jayanti in 2022 (Hanuman Jayanti 2022 in India)

According to the Panchang, the Chaitra month's full moon will begin on Saturday, April 16, at 02:25 a.m. On this day, at 12.24 p.m., the Purnima Tithi comes to a close. Talk to Astrologer, The full moon date is received on 16 April at sunrise, hence Hanuman Jayanti will be observed on that day.

On Hanuman Jayanti, auspicious yoga is practiced.

Ravi Yoga is being established this year on Hanuman Jayanti, according to Panchang calculations. This yoga is said to be the finest for finishing any task in the scriptures. Because of the particular impact of the Sun, Ravi-Yoga is regarded to be an effective yoga. This is why, because this yoga is full of the Sun's divine force, the odds of failure in the task done in this yoga are quite low. According to the Panchang, Hasta Nakshatra is up till 08:40 in the morning on this day, April 16. The Chitra Nakshatra will begin after that. The Moon will be transiting Virgo on this day.

Worship method on Hanuman Jayanti

At morning, Hanuman ji was born. As a result, worshipping at Brahmamuhurta on Hanuman Jayanti is considered beneficial. On this day, Hanuman Ji's treasures should be presented. On this day, the Hanuman Chalisa, Sundarkand, and Hanuman Aarti should be performed.

It is a religious concept that worshipping Bajrangbali by law on Hanuman Jayanti brings about desired consequences, however, bear in mind that one must also worship Ram Darbar when worshipping Hanuman Ji. Because it is considered that Hanuman Ji's worship would be incomplete without Ram Ji's devotion and that the rewards of worship would not be obtained.

Hanuman Ji's birth tale is as follows:

When Monarch Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya, conducted Putreshti Havan, he gave kheer to his three queens as prasad, according to mythology. A bit of that kheer was carried away by a crow and arrived at Mata Anjana Shiva's seat of penance.

Mother Anjana took the kheer as Shiva's prasad when she got it. This incident was made possible by Lord Shiva and Pawan Dev. Chat with Astrologer, Hanuman Ji was born after accepting that prasad. Lord Shiva's 11th Rudravatar, Hanuman Ji, is revered.

Hanuman ji is also known as Anjaneya because of his mother Anjana, Kesarinandan because of his father Vanararaj Kesari, and Pawanputra, Bajrangbali, Hanuman because of Pawan Dev's collaboration.