What Promises Should a Couple make on Promise Day?

What Promises Should a Couple make on Promise Day?

The festival of love lasts for a whole week from 7th to 14th February. In this, Promise Day is celebrated on 11th February. It is a day when you make a promise to your partner that you will remove all the troubles from the path of love and will stand together in every situation. Pledge to give him/her every happiness in the world. Astrology Advice Online, All these things are real and these thoughts generally come into every lover’s mind.

On the occasion of Promise Day, make a genuine promise to your love that you can keep. This will make your relationship stronger. Amid raging love, don't brag at all! You might be seen throwing because this will not develop your impression. What our astrologer has to say about the things to be kept in mind while making promises in love?

Love's Promises and their Breaking

Astrology kart Astrologer says that if you want a smooth relationship with your partner then you must keep that kind of promise that eventually you can fulfill looking upon your conditions. Never try to make a false promise which you cannot fulfill or else the relationship comes to a conclusion where there is only one thing left i.e. breakup. When promises break a point of time comes where your partner ends up the relationship and after that, you have to go through several emotional breakdowns that gradually manifest to several kinds of mental health issues i.e. depression or anxiety.

When the Heart is True

Astrology Kart astrologer shows the ways to solve the problems in the relationship between boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, parents, and children, sees many such cases every day, in which due to false promises so by this rifts start among the partners and the other partner feels cheated. Talk to Astrologer, In this situation, there is a communication gap that gets increased over time in a relationship. Astrologer says that your partner and your family are happier than your promises because of what your feelings are.

Always look up to your intentions and what you want to do for them. For a while, you will enjoy all the big things but later you will feel suffocated or your partner might get pessimistic about you that you are not fulfilling your partner’s wish what he/she is saying. This creates mistrust in relationships.

Do this work on Promise Day

• If you believe in this tradition of making a promise which is to be followed then make a promise to your partner on Promise Day. Your partner will also like this if you are comfortable in making all these promises.

•We will always try to respect each other’s space and needs that make them happy.

• Together we will move forward in life and will find time for our relationship between work.

• Together we will work to achieve our dream into success and understand each other’s priorities as well as responsibilities.

• Will be the holding each other’s hand firmly at every problem or happiness in life.

• These promises will genuinely increase the trust and compassion towards each other in the relationship by which love and respect towards each other also increase.

• If we are not on the same page or there is any kind of misunderstanding between us then we will communicate with each other to solve the matter. Chat with Astrologer, Do not prioritize someone else’s thoughts in your relationship as this is your relationship.