What Astrology Kart says about the couple Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal?

What Astrology Kart says about the couple Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal?

As winter end is counted as the wedding season and all couples are eagerly waiting to get married this year. However, in this queue another couple who was waiting to get married by the end of this year and this is none other than the superstar Katrina Kaif and handsome hunk Vicky Kaushal. The couple never admitted their relationship public platform and seeing each other for long time. Now they are tying the knot on 9th of December 2021, and we couldn’t keep calm. So, their fans are eagerly waiting to know what their future plans are after this post marriage? The couples career perspectives etc.

Vicky and Katrina’s Zodiac personality traits

Katrina’s zodiac is cancer and as being the fourth sign in the Zodiac chart which is symbolized by the sign of Crab. The characteristics of cancer are loyal, emotional, compassionate and protective. Sometimes they are family oriented too however this doesn’t go in some cases. Vicky’s zodiac sign is Taurus which symbolizes the sign of bull and is being the second sign in the zodiac chart. The characteristics of Taurus are strong, headstrong and hardworking. Taureans are very practical, stubborn and ambitious. However sometimes they are attracted to luxurious things, but they are always doing hard work to achieve that goal. For this quality they are most humble and grounded person who are dependable. So in their case it is important to understand that Cancerians have mood swings occasionally so Taureans always need to cheer them up and make them feel good about themselves. As Taurus does have the quality that they can change the ambience of the environment by their words. As the astrologer says that combination of Taurus and Cancer can be good as they have great chemistry in love life also as they share the same interests, and they not just want to connect with them externally but also to connect with them spiritually. They both have the patience in them which blossoms their relationship. Here both love taking care of each other and as their emotional connection grows their sex life also grows as both love closeness and pleasure, so they appreciate each other’s way of approach in having sex. They want to have meaningful and deep conversations. Likewise, they like cuddling; deep kisses each other which will help them in intimacy. Sometimes they are judged for being family oriented, but they very well know the value of family in their life as they want a support like a pillar from their parents. Talk to Astrologer

Career of Vicky and Katrina

 As Katrina’s zodiac is cancer and Vicky’s zodiac is Taurus so they both prefer love and stability in their relationship, so the association will boost their career as they both are career and family oriented. The cancer wants an emotional support and a Taurus wants comfortable and luxurious life so they both work hard to make this relationship work. So, by the marriage Vicky and Katrina will become compatible for each other, and they will become each other support emotionally and money wise as both of them will manage their side firmly which make their career grow in the right direction. Chat with Astrologer

 Vicky and Katrina’s life after marriage

 As the astrologer suggests that after marriage the couple will respect each other in every matter and there is rarely any chance that they will have a fight. This risk factor is very rare in their relationship is because of their compatibility and communication factor. However, there are some chances are there that they will have fight as Taurus doesn’t show his emotional side as they are very protective about their emotional side and this will annoy Cancer as they way too emotional and wants the same feeling to be showed in return. This will hound the Taurus and will affect their equation. Sometimes Taurus gets irritated as because of emotional side of cancer they want to shut down and do not speak and by this hold lots of negativity, grudges for the partner in their heart as they don’t want to share their feelings and this frustrates the Taurus. However, their mutual understanding in future is very dynamic because they hold each other like a pillar in every problem because they communicate with each other and try to resolve all their problems by the time. They both are loving and caring, so they melt down when it comes to their family and this quality attracts each other. This makes a union of trust where they mutually trust each other and vice versa. The couple here is both ambitious and career oriented as Katrina and Vicky have excelled in field of Bollywood by their movies, so they will respect each other equally and will trust each other in every matter, so this quality attracts them to each other. Astrology Advice