Role of Planets in Astrology

Role of Planets in Astrology

Planets are the heavenly bodies that rotate on their axis and revolve around the sun. Do planets really impact a person’s thought process and his behavior and in his action? Rotating on its axis and orbiting around the sun, thousands of miles away from the earth, do they precisely rein our future? If it is not true, then how some of the astrologers predict exactly about our good time or bad time, about our success and failure and about your relations etc. Talk to Astrologer

We are nothing but clump of atoms made up of particular constituent help together by the physical fuse of the universe, just like these celestial bodies. Made-up of the same constituents, we respond to the pattern of our universe. Here is the list of some planets which are in astrology:


Sun is the main center of all the planets in astrology. It is also known as the ‘Father of Stars’. Sun is also considered as one of the supreme deities of Hindus. Surya, Bhaskar, Arun, and Ravi are some of the highly esteemed names of lord Sun. Sun is beneficial heavenly body in astrology but can be calamitous if held in any adverse location in horoscope. Enthusiastic emplacement of Sun in a horoscope can bring stardom and potentiality to a person in all sector including the field of occupation.


As we know that the Moon is nearest to Earth and it impacts us more extremely than any other heavenly bodies. The impact is very peculiar, very bosom. Although, the Sun symbolizes as our spirit and the Moon symbolizes as our soul.


Mars is considered as the action Planet of the Zodiac. Mars Sign describes what you desire and how you execute that desire. It adjures you to stand up, be spotted and get things done etc. Aspiration and contention are also within Mars’s domain. Mars is the dominant planet of zodiacal signs Scorpio and Aries.


Intelligent, Innovative, Adaptable, Bilateral, Erratic, and feminine ‘Planet Mercury’ is closest to Sun and one of the four heavenly bodies & inner planets in the Solar system. Mercury is both beneficial and calamitous by its characteristic based upon its inhabited house in someone’s horoscope or zodiac sign and correlation with other heavenly bodies. Mercury has dual characteristics. This planet governs two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo. Hence, our body parts that are governed by Mercury are ear, lungs arms, and nervous system. Chat with Astrologer


Jupiter planet impacts on thinking capability of a person. In astrology, astrologer says that it governs good luck and good prosperity, health, wealth, buoyancy, happiness, success and joy. It is a symbol of occasion and always unlock way for new occasions in life. Jupiter is the denigration of hindrance and the prominence on spirituality and potential. Although, our victory, achievements and good luck are all within Jupiter’s domain, its negative impact can lead into laziness and sloth. It governs the zodiacal signs Sagittarius and Pisces, which belongs to fire and watery elements consecutively.


As we know that Venus is the brightest planet in astrology. Venus is a feminine planet and regarded as the Goddess of all earthly amenity and chief governor of marriage in men’s chart. Men and women governed by Venus are undoubtedly peaceful and social. When exasperated, Venus generates undesirable domiciliary conditions, apprehension in love, and struggling with friends of through money matters.


Shani is a servant in astrological world. It is symbol of hard work, sorrow, old men, retainer and the low-level helpers, workers in the iron and steel industry, municipality and sewer work. A well-placed Saturn can grant tremendous power, stature, name and stardom and a wrong placement of Saturn can destroy you. Astrology Advice