Remedies suggested by Vedic astrology to live a happy married life

Remedies suggested by Vedic astrology to live a happy married life

The decision to marry and spend the rest of your life with your partner, according to the website, signifies the start of a new chapter of life. Marriage is a turning point in the life of two people, as well as their parents. We also recognise that no relationship is flawless, and no journey is without its difficulties. Marriage is a long adventure that teaches a person a lot about his or her partner. 

If you want to discover more about your marriage problems, you should definitely see an astrologer, as this will benefit you in the future.

When it comes to the holy connection, everyone has a million questions regarding marriage. What does Kundli Matching indicate exactly? What does it actually say? Is it really that important? Talk to Astrologer

According to Vedic, such instances develop when one is exposed to unfavourable planetary energies. Kundali Milan is a Vedic Astrology technique for establishing the compatibility of two people so that they might marry happily and successfully.

The Kundalis of a bride and groom-to-be can be matched to help them better understand their compatibility and forthcoming marriage. Kundali Matching ensures that if there is an issue, solutions are identified for a happy marriage.

  • When Is the Best Time to Get married?
  • The Marriage Calculator examines different aspects of a person's birth chart, including the impact of various planetary positions on marriage prospects, marriage timing, and the nature of marriage and married life. The output of the Marriage Calculator can be used to figure out the optimal time to marry and how compatible the Kundlis are with one another.
  • According to the website, horoscope matching is when two people's horoscopes match. Horoscope matching, commonly referred to as Kundali matching, is crucial when it comes to marriage. Marriage is seen as a holy bond in Hinduism, which begins before conception. One of the most lovely and memorable experiences in my life has been my marriage. An astrologer is available for consultation.
  • Everyone wants a happy marriage with a lovely partner with whom they may share wonderful memories. This is where a person can find true happiness. Marriage, as we all know, is an important element of Indian culture, and people today are quite concerned about finding the perfect life mate. Both the boy's and girl's horoscopes, or Kundlis, are matched in Hindu tradition in order to avoid any negative ramifications after marriage. In addition, astrology offers a variety of therapies and ways to counteract each dosha's malefic consequences. Astrology Advice
  • Married couples' stress-relieving strategies
  • If the malefic aspect is in the seventh house, or the planet is in the seventh house, pray to the God associated with that planet.
  • Because the Mangal Dosha has a lot of martial energy, which indicates rage, you should be aware of your anger and avoid eating spicy foods.
  • Wearing an Opal stone ring can improve the Venusian's quality of life while also reducing the malefic effect on the planet.
  • Chanting the Vishnu Shastra Naam (Lord Vishnu's Thousand Names) will make your marriage more enjoyable and fruitful.
  • The Sun and Moon are represented in Vedic Astrology by Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  • Avoid the hue of the planet that rules the seventh house of your marital life. It will be beneficial to donate items that are coloured in the colours of the planet.  Chat with Astrologer
  • Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian system of astrology.
  • For instance, Vedic astrology has a bearing on our lives. Although we are often unconscious of it, the moon's movements, planetary movements, and alignments all have an effect on our minds and emotions. The positions of the planets in the astrological chart at the time of the native's birth can be compared to the positions of the planets at any other time. is one of India's most renowned astrologers. They don't need an introduction in the realm of Astrology because of his remarkable predictions and treatments. They usually offer advice to estranged couples who have strayed from the path to happiness and made terrible judgments. This Vedic Astrology in Astrology Kart is for people who think they're having marital problems and want a love expert to look into it., who has helped thousands of people, offers unique love counselling based on Vedic Astrology. Please contact us for additional details.