Predictions Related To the Omicron

Predictions Related To the Omicron

Omicron is the other variant of this Covid -19 as it is rapidly spreading in different parts of the country India. The spreading intensity of this variant of Covid is very high as per day more than 1 lakhs cases are being registered. Earlier there was a mark of 10,000 daily cases, but now it is impossible to stop this pace of mark.

But from where does this Omicron originated?

This variant of Covid was first being found in South Africa by the end of November 2021. It is being considered as dangerous for the middle generation people by some experts, but there is yet no confirmation that it is more dangerous than other variants like Delta IHU or not as it is still a matter of study. Talk to Astrologer

Vaccine can protect you from this Virus?

As there is no such guarantee that you will get protected by the virus as vaccination is just acting like a shield to fight the virus that does not mean that you will not get Omicron. However, this means that you will be much more protected than the person who hasn’t taken the vaccine yet. So, it is more dangerous for that person who has not taken. So, if you have taken a vaccine that doesn’t mean that Omicron cannot harm you as the vaccine will only give 1/4th of protection.

Which planets are responsible for Omicron spread as per astrology?

As this Omicron started spreading with pace, so it is really difficult to control so in astrology we can consider the date when it was first detected on November 24, 2021, as the date for the prediction as that’s when the government of South Africa shared their findings with the WHO about the Omicron variant. So, as per the chart made according to the date of 24th November 2021, we can clearly see different planets like Sun, Mercury, and Ketu in the Scorpio zodiac. However, the date is mostly struck by the Nakshatra called Anuradha which is simultaneously ruled by planet Saturn (Shani) and Shani is known for its cataclysm in many ways, and here is the best example called pandemics or diseases for several times in minimal duration. Astrology Advice

Every time sun helps to calm down the intensity but why this time sun is not enlightening all the planets with its radiation?

As we all know that Sun is responsible for good health, wisdom and positivity however when the Omicron variant was found on November 24th so by the 4th of December the Sun experienced a solar eclipse so which to some extent weakened the power of the planet Sun. The most prominent thing is that Mars (Mangal) and Ketu are still creating a Dosh called Angarak Dosh which mostly adding on to people's woes. The astrologers say that all these combinations are a sign that the cases will rise in a heavy flow. The astrologers also state that the variant will affect the whole world at a large number.

Will Omicron be a deadly Virus for human life?

As May 2021 was very critical for all the people in 2021 as there were very less few hospitals, or doctors, and amenities to fight against the pandemic however after May 2021 we were very self-reliant as people were helping with the amenities to fight against the Coronavirus. But after June the cases were reduced from the peak and slowly-slowly everything was coming to a normal phase.

Suggest with some astrological remedies that how can we control the Omicron?

By astrology, you can just get the prediction of the status however it is impossible to control until or unless one should not break the Covid rules. The cases are rising week by week, so things are not going great as expected, so we should be really cautious with our outings or wherever we are going or putting masks on. As we can clearly see that as per the Hindu Panchang after Uttarayan cases will be at their peak, so we should be really careful with our safety. The main reason for the spread is becoming overconfident that Omicron will not happen to you, but this will not last long. Make a point that you shall not be the reason to spread that virus so maintain distance and stay safe. Chat with Astrologer