Makar Sankranti the start of Fresh Beginnings

Makar Sankranti the start of Fresh Beginnings

Makar Sankranti is celebrated as the first foremost festival in India which signifies that movement where everything is moving like planets, humans, and other species to move in the future also. Here earth's revolving is treated as the completion of one year so it is celebrated however it is also said that the harrowing winter started to end and a warm ray of sunshine hits the planet Earth in the northward movement so that is the reason it is also called Uttarayan. Talk to Astrologer

Makar Sankranti Significance

You have seen our elders that they follow one ritual that to take a Ganga bath on Sankranti or wish to worship the Ganga or to chant the mantras while taking bath. Doing charity was the priority of elders as it was on 1st checklist as they believe that charity should be done once in a year to make us remember that we are just paying the rent to God.
The Makar Sakranti is the festival that marks the day where there is a movement in the zodiac sign like Sagittarius enters in the sign of Capricorn from the day as the Sun is moving towards south to north (Dakshinayan to Uttarayan) direction as now the days will get longer and the night will be shorter. As per the Panchang, the Capricorn’s sun is in the change so people will get to celebrate the festival for two days 14th and 15th January.

Time Difference of the Sun's zodiac change

As we very well know that every country has a different time zone and they have a unique calculation in their Panchang so in the year 2022 there are different views regarding the Makar Sankranti due to this there is a slight change in the position of the Sun. As per the Indian Calendar, there is a change of Sun in Capricorn from dated 14th January by the afternoon 2:30 PM however, as per the Hindu Panchang the zodiac change of the Sun will change by Night 8 PM on 14th of January so due to this sun will change to Capricorn so will be celebrating the festival on 15th of January, Saturday.

Why everything after Kharmas as per the Hindu Panchang

Kharmas is the month when no auspicious thing is mostly prohibited so Makar is considered to be the end of Kharmas and all the auspicious work will start when the Sagittarius travels in the Sun then there is a collision at that time. However, when the Sun hits the North direction so after that, every kind of auspicious work starts to take place for the new beginning like marriage, home deities, and many more. Chat with Astrologer

Harvest in Makar Sankranti

It is also known as the harvest festival so in Northside there is a huge celebration regarding this festival and it is the way of acknowledging thanks to all those who have assisted in making this harvest possible. So, in different regions it is celebrated as different names like in south it is celebrated as Pongal, the northeast side is said as Makar Sankranti, Westside it is treated as Uttarayan and in Northside is celebrated as Lohri.

First Ritual of Makar Sankranti

The first ritual is to take a Ganga bath which depicts that for a new beginning we must clean ourselves and the elders also state that Ganga takes all the impurities and provides goodness by generating better health. After that ritual one should donate sesame seeds and khichadi to the poor or needy people as it clears the Shani dosha as Shani is the son of Lord Sun by offering water to the Sun after taking bath. The best part is that every year people from different regions celebrate the festival by eating different dishes like in the North they will eat (sarso-da-saag with cornflour chapattis), in North-East and eastern region every family starts their day by eating curd and flattened rice (Chura) or khichdi, or anything made with sesame seeds or rice powder, the west part they will start will sesame seeds ladoos and in South, they will eat curd rice to start their day. The west of India (Gujarat) has a culture to have kite fighting rituals every year, and they organize competitions also in Runn of Kutch where people from different countries visit just to become a part of this celebration however after the pandemic it is taken a step back. Astrology Advice