Ma Laxmi does not live in the house where this idol is located.

Ma Laxmi does not live in the house where this idol is located.

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You should be interested why Ma Laxmi is said that she won't reside in a similar house where the icon is found. What is the secret behind the realm of Prajavatsal?

Vibhusen was a Prajavatsal monarch who was kind. Seeing the state's craftsmen's hardship, he established a market. He said that he would purchase the artwork that remained unsold till the evening. Except for one, all of a craftsman's sculptures were sold at the market one day.

That idol belonged to Alakshmi. It was delivered to the king by the artisan. The king's minister was present. He warned that seeing the Alakshmi idol could enrage Lakshmi ji. However, because the monarch was bound by his vow, he purchased the idol.

After retiring from the day's labour, the king fell asleep to the sound of wailing. The king noticed a woman sobbing, who was adorned in finery and adornments. The king inquired about the cause, to which Lakshmi replied, "I am Lakshmi." You offended me today by bringing the Alakshmi idol. Talk to Astrologer, You're the one who gets him out of the palace.

The king refused, claiming that the promise obligated him. Lakshmi fled after hearing this. There was a sound once again when the king began to return. Narayan was standing there when I turned around. You have offended my wife Lakshmi, he said. That is why I must accompany you.

The king turned around to return to his room. Then he noticed a second holy form. If you wish to leave the palace as well, go, but I cannot abandon my faith, answered the king. I am Dharmaraja, stated that figure. How can I abandon you? In a dream the next night, the king saw Narayan and Lakshmi telling him, Rajan, where there is religion, there is our residence. Chat with Astrologer, We're coming back.