How to find the Government Job through Astrology in Astrology Kart?

How to find the Government Job through Astrology in Astrology Kart?

During job hunting, government work is prioritized. Government work is attractive because it enjoys a special perception in society. Astrology Advice Online, But is government work your destiny?  You need to know that the profession you enter depends heavily on your natal chart. The Vedic astrology text states that the position of the planet at your birth is important in determining your work. It is important to analyze your constellation to understand whether you are participating in a government agency or working as a private employee.

How do you understand your profession using the constellations?

 The best and most ideal way to find out if you are in a government position is to consult an experienced astrologer. Astrology Kart has a panel of renowned astrologers to help you understand what your career will be like. However, there are some tips to understand how the zodiac decides whether to do government work. The combination of planets, houses, and planets in the chart plays an important role in securing government management positions.  

How to be a level 1 government officer?

A level government office is a seniormost bureaucrat with a high pay scale, countless perks, and utmost job security. To reach this position, the position of the sun, Leo, the relationship between the 5th and the 10th, the planet of the 10th ruling Dasha when combined, plus the same combination must be strong. As the professionals belonging to this creamy layer enjoy a kingsize life, their horoscope will have powerful Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, and Moon in Kendra and Trikona, giving a raj yoga. It also promises a high level of intelligence, decision-making ability, self-esteem, and a balanced mind.

 Does your horoscope indicate yoga raj?

To know the positions of the planets as well as read the signs of the zodiac, you can have individual study sessions with our astrologers. Talk to the Astrologer, Along with knowing your career predictions, astrologers will also offer expert advice on how to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of career success.

Is a job of your Kundli Sun government? 

You may be curious whether a government job is mentioned in your Kundli sign. Vedic astrology indicates that you participate in government services when:

 • The sun has invested in the 10th house (the sun in the 12th job of the house).

• The sun has its position in the 10th house and desires the planet Mars.

 • The sun has its position in the 10th house in a separate sign or a friendly sign.

 • Sun is located in the 2nd and 10th house aspects (Opportunities for jobs related to secret government agencies).

• The Sun has an aspect of Jupiter.

• Sun is classified in the 3rd house (government jobs related to tourism or media). 

• The Sun has a position in the 4th House (Government. tax or property related work).

• Sun is placed in the 6th House (government affairs related to the legal department).

• Government jobs in the 8th house (government jobs related to archeology or R&D). 

• Government work in house No. 12 (government employment in prison or hospital). 

• Mars and the Sun have their positions in the 10th house.  

How to get a job in astrology in the tenth house of Kundali?

 • You must be strong in the 10th to get a job in the government.

• The tenth lord must be in a quadrant/quadrant (house numbers 1, 4, 7, and 10 are known as quadrants and 1, 5, and 9 are known as quadrants).

 • The owner of the ninth house must be in the tenth.

• The lords of the tenth and ninth houses must change the signs.

• The rulers of the tenth and ninth houses must be linked.

• The owner of the 10th house must be in the 11th, 6th, and 3rd houses.

• Planets including Mars, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter should be very supportive and positive in the 10th house. Chat with Astrologer