How To Earn As Astrologer?

How To Earn As Astrologer?

Did you know that knowing astrology might assist you in becoming wealthy and living a happy life? To begin, what exactly is astrology and how can I benefit from it?

Astrology is a branch of study that studies the motions of objects in space in order to predict the future. Astrology is fascinating because it helps you to learn about not only your own fate but also the fates of others. This practice dates back to the 4th century B.C. and is still very much alive in today's culture!

Now that we know a little about the history of Astrology, how can we make a lot of money simply by studying it? To begin, you must first obtain certification as an Astrologer. This can be accomplished by taking an online or offline course. It will teach you everything you need to know about astrology and how to become a professional astrologer. It is highly recommended that you take an Astrology course, which you can easily get on the internet. There are a number of books and manuals available that will give you a decent idea of what you'll need to do to become a professional Astrologer, but they may be very expensive.

After becoming a qualified Astrologer, you will have the ability to study Astrology and even predict people's fates based on their horoscope readings. It's a lucrative industry to read people's horoscopes and correctly predict their fate. The easiest way to become an Astrologer is to use the internet. Astrology Advice

Because of the internet, you can learn any skill you choose from the convenience of your own home. You won't have to pay for astrological school tuition, gasoline, or commute time. The only reliable way to learn everything there is to know about Astrology is to do so on the internet. An astrologer can help you navigate the times when the universe is sending you unenthusiastic energy, which could get you and others into a lot of difficulty. Many people are unaware that astrological concerns are to blame for the majority of their problems, including sleep problems, eating disorders, weight problems, and health problems.

You can now study to become a professional astrologer and help yourself and others overcome these problems! Talk to Astrologer

Problem solvers are in high demand, and if you can solve other people's problems, you're in for a rich career. People detest problems and would happily accept help in addressing them from others. If you are serious about making Astrology your career, I advise you to go for it and never give up. Never giving up until you achieve your goal is one of the most successful tactics for achieving any goal.

  • *First and foremost, there should be a favourable transit; also, there should be many planets in Kendras and Trikonas. Advice from Astrology
  • Jupiter should be in the 2nd and 11th lord's Trikona, while Saturn should be transiting the 5th and 9th houses.
  • *Raja Yoga is recommended for Dasha and Bukhari.
  • The concepts listed above are the most important variables in producing quick money, or, to put it another way, there will not be a massive cash windfall.
  • Athletes and cricketers who earn a lot of money from sponsorships and advertisements are allowed to follow the same rules.
  • Furthermore, the Ashtavarga points of the 2nd and 11th lords must be larger than 24. It will be 30 points in the great majority of situations.
  • In KalaChakra Dasa, the 2nd and 11th lords from the Dasha must be highly powerful.
  • The 11th Lord's sign also determines whether the money earned will be properly used or squandered.
  • If the 11th Lord is in a fixed sign, the money will be saved and prudently spent.
  • When the 11th Lord is in a moving sign, saving money will be difficult.
  • Money will be squandered and of little use to the individual if the 11th and 3, 6, 8, and 12 lords are linked.
  • If the 11th and 4th lords are related, the money will be used to buy land or pay for education.
  • If the 11th and 9th Lords are linked, money will be spent on gurus, temples, and other spiritual activities. Chat with Astrologer