How Does your Kundli Reveal about your Fate?

How Does your Kundli Reveal about your Fate?

Our Kundli, or horoscope, is a cosmic map that contains all of the information about how our lives will unfold. We must comprehend that our karmic account is kept by celestial bodies in the form of planets, and that the effects of our karmas are manifested in many facets of our existence.

  • According to the website The planets, based on their positions and states in our Kundli, provide us with the results of a certain set of our prior karmas by influencing a specific aspect of our lives at a pre-determined period. Chat with Astrologer ,We will see positive results in areas of our lives where the planet or planets involved are associated if the underlying set of karma is good. The consequences are harsh and problematic if they reveal our negative karmas.

An Astrologer's Function

  • An Astrologer examines a person's Kundli using Vedic Astrology principles to see what the planets and stars have in store for different aspects of their lives . Talk to Astrologer, The Astrologer also locates and recommends to the person powerful astrological remedies that have the potential to successfully pacify planets that appear to be holding the account of negative karmas from that person's karmic account and are thus positioned to cause havoc in a specific area of that person's life. 
  • It's difficult to determine what good or bad karmas a person committed in previous lives, but it's a lot easier to figure out which planets will provide the positive karmas and which will bring the negative karmas. Furthermore, the date of those discoveries, as well as the aspect of life that will be impacted by the results, may be determined. 

The Wise and Practical Approach to Life

  • When the Holy Sages of Ancient India disclosed a marvelous esoteric knowledge in their time, there's no sense in living wholly at the mercy of our fate. Thousands of years ago, out of pure compassion and good desires for humanity, they created Vedic Astrology.
  • By pacifying the ill-positioned planets of our Kundli and strengthening the planets that are favorably situated, Vedic Astrology provides us the chance to decrease the issues that are destined to come our way, thereby assuring success, happiness, and prosperity in our life.
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