Holika Dahan 2022 : Just remember all the spark of ancient Falgun Madan Manjari's?

Holika Dahan 2022 : Just remember all the spark of ancient Falgun Madan Manjari's?

Holi is a festival of joy, jubilation, fun, adventure, and love. Holi, which ignites the fire by burning the pyre of corrupt love and increases brotherhood by painting everyone one color, is celebrated with enthusiasm not only in the country but also in the country. still abroad.

Although Holi celebrates abroad in different times and ways, the message is that all love and brotherhood are the same. Talk to Astrologer Online, Holi marks the parting of winter and the arrival of summer. At the foot of nature, after spring, by autumn, the leaves become reliable, that way the messenger ties solidarity, attachment, and mutual friendship into a thread, Holi festival smells like Mahua.

The feeling of intoxication, Palash, and the aroma of mango are amazing. In the unique Basanti winds of the month of Falgun, equipped with loving feelings inside in traditional cultural clothes, spreading a refreshing atmosphere, forgetting about pain, people immerse themselves in color. Speaking of Holi, how can Braj's Holi be spoiled? Holi is wonderfully celebrated in the streets of Braj, attracting every sports-loving Vasudha to the sound of folk songs along with the rhythm of the dholak and the sound of cymbals.

Holi, the joyful celebration of love and pastime between Krishna and Radha during the month of Phagun, will infuse positivity and new energy into the public with nature. Guaranteed! Mind tired in this Holi atmosphere. Many creative Hindi poets have incorporated the excitement, anxiety, and chatter between hero and heroine into their compositions, which is amazing.

Holi, the festival of love and affection, has been well portrayed by art lovers in devotional poetry and ritual. Astrology Advice Online, From the early poet Vidyapati to the devout poets Surdas, Rahim, Raskhan, Padmakar, Jayasi, Meera, Kabir and the ritual poets Bihari, Keshav, Ghananand including Sagun, and nirguna, devotional love, and Falgun's dream water touches the endless depths of people's souls.

 Without a doubt, Holi symbolizes the joy of emotional union and mellow love after parting. The hole of color and longing, the darkness of the flower words of eternal joy, the eradication of passion and hatred, the festival of Holi, where the seven rainbow colors of love spread, are woven so many folk tales and legends.

The story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap is most famous in the public mind. Holika, a symbol of evil, could not even damage Prahlad's hair, a unique example of reverence for God, a symbol of kindness. No matter how evil, it will surely perish before good. But conversely, in changing times, the traditional ways of celebrating Holi have been replaced by modern lewd methods.

As a result, instead of the aroma of saffron and sandalwood, the smell of cow dung began to emanate from the body parts. The melodious music that captivated the hearts of people of folk songs began to fade away and now, in its place, people also see postures that abuse words.

Where did the ancient metaphors of Falgun go? What happened to Madan Manjaris?

Where are these beauties, who used to sing faguni songs to greet Basant, have come to converge in the evening with a Mahavar at their feet? The ears now yearn to hear the beat of ChangDhaf and the chanting of the Phag with the echo of Dholak. In the modern age and communication revolution, the increasing use of devices has brought Holi from the open fields, streets, and neighborhoods to the mobile screen.

 Now people continue to hide in their homes even on the day of Holi. It must be said that modern Holi has been shortened to WhatsApp and Facebook messages. The rejection of the traditional method of celebrating Holi in a cool, soft, and comfortable way has also made Holi harmful to many people.

After drinking and abusing the mud from the drain on the mouth, many people tried their best to get rid of their animosity through Holi by throwing acid. For this reason, the festival of Holi, which brings joy and happiness, begins to cause death. The colors of Holi have not only physical meanings but also spiritual meanings. Color increases our enthusiasm, and each color has a deep connection with human life.

But today, the use of chemical dyes instead of natural dyes has caused maximum damage to human skin. On the other hand, increased inflation and impurities have also damaged the taste of traditional sweets. Year after year, Holi's quality deteriorated. Today, there is an urgent need to ignite trust and confidence in the public mind by bringing back a bright light in the faded colors of Holi.

Not only burning grass and stubble in the name of Holika Dahan but burning all the evils of human society that sow alienation and terror in us. The real Holi will only be celebrated when our country's politicians burn the Holi of corruption by removing the color of excess, selfishness, and corruption from their faces.

Until then, the common man's Holi was dry. Chat with Astrologer Online, While walking, someone often said "Times change, circumstances change, the colour of blood remains the same, but the drop of blood has changed". The day and the night are the same, but the season changes, and so do Holi, but the colours of Holi also change.