Happy International Women’s Day 2022

Happy International Women’s Day 2022

It is alleged that a lady performs a giant function in a man's achievement. For the happiness of her family, a woman makes numerous sacrifices. Talk to the Astrologer, Not the best that, however, girls have ended up extraordinarily powerful in the trendy world. In all fields, girls and their families pass shoulder to shoulder with men. In addition, she is doing a remarkable process at each domestic and at work. Although girls' contributions ought to be regarded on an everyday basis, the eighth of March has been distinctive as a selected day to honour their contributions and respect.

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year to celebrate the dedication, dedication and empowerment of women.

Women play many important roles in our lives. Sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a sister, sometimes as a wife. The day focuses on many topics, including improving the quality of life for women around the world and raising awareness. Do you know why March 8th every year is International Women's Day? After all, what's the reason for this, please tell me why it's
celebrated all over the world? But what caused the appearance of this day and who started it, you will learn from this article today.

History of International Women's Day

The idea of celebrating International Women's Day began with the labor movement. In 1908 in New York, 15,000 women rallied for shorter working days, wages and the right to vote. Exactly one year after this event, the Socialist Party of America declared this day the first national women's day.

In 1911, the first International Women's Day was celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. Women's Day was officially recognized in 1975 when the United Nations began to celebrate it annually with a special theme.
Astrology Advice Online, The first theme of International Women's Day was "Celebrating the Past and Planning for the Future". International Women's Day 2022: This Women's Day is in the name of women who "choose a challenge"!

International Women's Day 2022 theme:

The theme for this year's International Women's Day 2022 is "Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow" or "Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow".
Purpose of International Women's Day:

The purpose of celebrating Women's Day is to give women all the rights that ordinary citizens deserve. Discrimination is a major cause behind it.

This Year Women’s day would be special for the women of Mathura:

Holi in Matura on International Women's Day Holi will be held in Mathura on International Women's Day Tuesday. On Tuesdays, widows and elderly women play holly. Chat with Astrologer, During this period, special cultural programs are organized at Mathura.