Get Unprecedented Gains in your Career Through the Sacred Wisdom of Astrology

Get Unprecedented Gains in your Career Through the Sacred Wisdom of Astrology

People focus on a career field and work hard to become qualified and gain a job in that field from the beginning of their academic careers.

As soon as they enter the professional world, they learn how difficult it is to gain a promotion, a raise in income, or even moderate career progress due to the fierce competition that exists.

If one looks hard enough in the professional world, it becomes clear that only a small percentage of people in any given career field are truly successful, despite the fact that everyone else is working and striving equally hard in the same field.

Have you ever pondered why something is the way it is?

Everyone who starts their job as a fresher has essentially the same educational qualifications and, without a doubt, works hard once hired. Still, why is it that only a small percentage of people achieve true success in their careers, while the majority struggle to keep afloat?

This is because, in order to excel in a career area, one must select one that benefits from the subtle yet enormously strong support of planets that are well situated in one's Career Horoscope.

Working hard in a path that is blocked by planets that are ill-placed in our horoscope is, without a doubt, like swimming against the tide. One "will" become weary and drown sooner or later. Talk to Astrologer

The Importance of Astrology in a Successful Career

  • Astrology is a spiritual science that enables people to understand how different planets, based on their positions in a person's horoscope, affect various aspects of their lives.
  • Furthermore, this ancient knowledge provides very effective cures that have the capacity to eliminate unfavourable planetary influences from a native's life while dramatically raising good ones, resulting in extraordinary success and riches.
  • Because astrology is based on the principle of cause and effect, astrological remedial techniques are very effective and result-oriented.
  • If an irritated planet is pacified by remedies, the native begins to experience relief from the troubles that that planet originally represented, and if a planet that is positively positioned in the horoscope is strengthened, the native naturally achieves success!
  • So, if you want to have a good job, you should choose a career that is represented by a well-placed planet in your horoscope.
  • If you have unknowingly chosen a career that is represented by a planet that is negative for you, then immediately take the remedial measures that Astrologers recommend to nullify or at the very least minimize the negative planetary effects that are preventing you from being successful while also enhancing the strength of the planet/s that are fundamentally conducive to the career that you are currently in.
  • This is the only sensible method to begin progressing in your career and accruing professional benefits such as promotions and salary raises!
  • It is vital to speak with an experienced Astrology Advice in order to receive precise, specific, and critical career advice that will ultimately lead to a successful career.

The Careers that Planets Represent

Different planets represent different career fields, and it is recommended that an individual enter a career/profession that is backed by a planet that is "Positively Positioned" in that individual's career horoscope, or pacify the "Aggravated Planet" whose career field the individual has accidentally entered, while strengthening the ones that are in any case beneficial to the individual's career.

  • Let's take a look at the various professional fields/lines that various planets represent.
  • Sun: Administrative Positions, Wheat, Chemicals, Medicine, and Government Jobs.
  • Moon: Navy, Fish, Corals, Pearls, Fruit Farming, Milk Products, and Nurses.
  • Military, Police, Private Security, Barbers, Chemists, Butchers, Dentists, Arms and Ammunition, and Smith's Industry are all represented on Mars.
  • Journalism, publishing, editing, law, banks, speculation, mathematics, literature, trading, income tax, sales tax, and the Treasury are all represented by Mercury.
  • Religion, Administrative Positions, Law, Finance, Education, Preaching, Judge, and Teaching are all represented by Jupiter.
  • Poetry, Art, Painting, Music, Acting, Silk Embroidery, Perfumes, Exotic Objects, Antiques, Diamonds, and Jewellery are all associated with Venus.
  • Real Estate, Coal, Mining, Jail, Lead, Cremation, Coolly, Oil, Gas, Steel, and Iron are all represented by Saturn.

Promotion and/or Salary Increase Timing Based on Astrology

  • Planets, in general, produce the outcomes of the house in which they are located, as well as the houses in which they own, based on Sign Lordship in a given horoscope.
  • The final influence that a planet will have on a native is determined by the combination of these houses and their cumulative result.
  • It's important to note that a planet has the greatest impact on a native "only" when it's operating according to the "Vimshottari Dasha" in that native's life.
  • To find out when an event in one's life (in this case, Promotion and or Salary Hike) will fructify, one should contact with the best astrologer in India to find out the exact time of operation of the planet that represents that event in one's life.
  • Adopting treatments to eliminate a planetary problem that is expected to develop in the future is the same. After finding a planet that is indicating a problem later in a person's life, an astrologer suggests treatments to calm the agitated planet and so avoid the problem that was initially predicted to occur later in that person's life.
  • You could visit to determine the specific times in your life when your chances of promotion and/or pay raise are greatest

But what if someone desires a promotion sooner rather than later? Is that even possible?

  • Rather of making grand claims, we'd suggest that if planets that are already active in your life or will be active soon are strengthened—if they are already positive—or calmed—if they are negative—your chances of realizing your dreams are multiplied.
  • At Astrology Kart, we provide you with the option to speak with the Best Astrologer for an Early Promotion.
  • Peace of mind, joy, riches, and happiness in life are all guaranteed by having a good career. As a result, it is only prudent to seek the advice of astrology in order to make your career a success!
  • In this digital age, we strongly encourage any professional or aspiring professional to get advice from an expert astrologer to learn how to make the most of their work.
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