Gemstones that suits the Six Zodiac Sign

Gemstones that suits the Six Zodiac Sign

 In the world of Astrology, we very well know that Astrologers always advise you to wear some particular gemstones which will help you to deal or lower the negative influence as per the Kundali or the lord planet. In day-to-day life a person goes through with several unfortunate happenings, so gemstones are usually advised by an astrologer as per your zodiac to make control on the lord planet which fully controls and affects the zodiac. Talk To Astrologer

So here are some tips provided by our top Astrologers from Astrology Kart that which gemstones are perfect for the six zodiac sign:

 Aries- The first and foremost zodiac who is very courageous, determined, and really passionate for his work whichever he /she is doing at that time because of his lord planet Mars. However, this sometimes backfires as this lord planet always tries to make his work pending because of his/her moody nature. Sometimes these zodiac people are very short-tempered or aggressive which makes a hurdle while something important works in ongoing. So, Astrology Kart astrologers suggest you wear Red Cold stone (Moonga) and this stone might influence your planet and will try to heal your moody attitude and your aggression.

Taurus- The second among the entire zodiac is Taurus as they are a good secret keeper, reliable in every sort as they like things to be in form. For this reason, they are very practical and always try to be relevant with the time. However, their lord of the planet is Venus which they are literally stubborn and don’t like to compromise in their living, so they always want to work hard for achieving this goal. As if their work doesn’t go as per planned then they get very possessive. So, to control this nature Astrology Kart astrologers say that they must wear Opal, Diamond, or Zircon stone. These stones will try to calm down your stubbornness as well as your possessive nature.

 Gemini- Gemini’s are two-faced people and always very enthusiastic and curious person who always wants to learn something new in their life for this reason they are very adaptable also as they like traveling and exploring new places. They have a great power of learning and always like to know the basics of each detail. They are very faithful and affectionate people as they always try to entertain you with their hobbies. For their curious nature, they sometimes get nervous also. Their two-faced quality always harms their career as they are not consistent as they like to experiment with new things and for this cannot hold up their decisions also as they are always in dilemma as to what to do and what not to do. Their lord of the planet is Buddh, so our astrologers from Astrology kart suggest you wear Emerald stone (Panna) as this will control your indecisive personality and will make you consistent. Astrologer Advice

Cancer- Cancerians are very emotional as well as very sympathetic towards anyone whom they love the most however for this reason only they always feel insecure as they want the same attitude in return also. As they are very loyal to other people, so they want that same loyalty in return. They are always in a moody persona because of their emotional side and for this thing they never think positively. They are very manipulative with their thoughts as their lord planet is Moon. So to control their negative influence on the planet the Astrologers of Astrology Kart propose them to wear a Pearl as the stone is the symbol of peace, so they will calm down their emotional disbalance and make them control their minds.

 Leo- Leo as the name suggests that they are very fearless like a Lion. They always try to make their people comfortable as they are very humorous and cheerful at the same time. They are very soft-hearted and will always try to help you in every situation. Furthermore, they are very passionate about their work and also have creative skills. However, the creative nature always causes Leo as they always wanted to be the center of attraction and by this, the arrogance or stubbornness comes hand in hand. They don’t want to adjust to anything and if they are forced to then they become lazy as they don’t like the job. Their lord of the planet is Sun and by the quality of the Sun, they always want to shine wherever they belong. The Astrology Kart astrologers propose they wear Ruby gemstone as this will help to control their laziness and make them stable in every situation.

Virgo – Likewise, Taurus Virgos are very practical as they always want to succeed in life as they always think about the future. They are very logical with their life, so they always try to achieve success with their hard work. They are very loyal to their close ones. Virgo people are very judgmental about others without knowing them. Virgo people are very pessimistic about them, so they always like to criticize their own efforts at every point in time. This criticizing nature always makes them feel anxious and shy before they start any kind of work. Their lord of the planet is Buddh, so the Astrology Kart astrologers advise Virgo people to wear Emerald Stone (Panna) as the gemstone will make you feel motivated and optimistic. This will help to heal down the self-doubting and judgmental character. Chat with Astrologer