Gangaur Puja: Why it is celebrated?

Gangaur Puja: Why it is celebrated?

In India, the Gangaur festival was also celebrated with zeal. Women worshipped Lord Shiva and Parvati at temples around the city and in rural regions. Astrology Advice Online, Women have been spotted dressing up and coming to the temples to worship Gangaur in the morning.

Women, in particular, honor Lord Shankar by using cosmetics on Gangaur day. While fasting, he prays for the happiness and success of the family in addition to the husband's long life. Unmarried females also worship Lord Shiva on Gangaur by fasting and praying for a decent spouse. Temples in various parts of the country were used for worship. Shiva Parvati was also established and worshipped in the parks.

Women also performed traditional songs like "Gor Gomti, Isar Puja Parvati" at this time. In addition, numerous female groups held cultural events to commemorate the Gangaur holiday socially. Talk to Astrologer, The women crafted jaggery and flour jewellery for the Lord. Women presented Goddess Parvati with suhaag material on this occasion. The ladies made special delicacies in their houses.

On the third day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month, the Gangaur festival is held. This event is mostly observed in the state of Rajasthan. This event, by the way, begins on the second day of Holi. For the next sixteen days, it is commemorated. And it is completed on Chaitra Shukla's Tritiya. Married ladies fast on this day for their husbands to live a long and happy life. Saubhagya Tritiya is another name for Gangaur Teej.

Unmarried and freshly married ladies offer water to the adored Gangaur in a river, pond, or lake a day before Gangaur Teej. The second day begins in the evening and ends in the morning. Unmarried ladies maintain Gangaur's Vakra in the hopes of finding the perfect mate. And married women observe a fast with rituals on this day in order to obtain affection from their husbands.

Isar-Gaur is worshipped

Lord Shiva and Mata Gauri, also known as Isar Dev, are worshipped on this day. Lord Shiva and Mata Gauri are sculpted from pure, clean clay on the day of the Gangaur fast. They are then lavishly adorned and ritualistically worshipped.

Gangaur Teej Worship Method

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati bestowed good fortune on all living things on the day of Gangaur Teej. Maa Parvati is therefore built with clay and worshipped on this day, before fasting. Make a square altar 24 fingers wide by 24 fingers long in a sacred chamber of the house to establish Gauri of clay. Turmeric, sandalwood, camphor, saffron, and other spices are used throughout the square.

Make Maa Gauri out of the sand and then gift honey-related products such as glass bangles, Mahavar, vermilion, roli, henna, tika, bindi, comb, mirror, kajal, and so on.

The quick narrative of Gauri Ji is told during worship time. Akshat, sandalwood, and incense lamp are used to glorify Mother. Maa Parvati is provided suhaag articles. Chat with Astrologer, Women fulfil their requests with vermilion presented to the mother after hearing the narrative. In the afternoon, Gangaur is worshipped. Food is only consumed once a day after that and the fast is broken. Offerings of Gangaur are said to be forbidden for males.