Festivals of Bathing and doing Charity: Maghi Purnima

Festivals of Bathing and doing Charity: Maghi Purnima

We have known the significance of this Magha month in the month of Magha, that doing charity and taking bath is the priority. As per the scriptures, in Hindu culture, we mostly know that we have to take bath, donate fruits or sesame seeds in yagyas, and lastly doing charity is the priority. This month is also considered to be very precious in a religious as well as spiritually. In Hindu Culture this month is Apart from worshiping this month, penance is also done by staying with rules and restraint which generally increases energy. Astrology Advice, the last days of Krishna and Shukla Paksha of this month are considered great festivals of bathing and charity.

There is a proper tradition of performing the Shradh for your ancestors by taking the bath in the river Ganges and any other holy rivers on the occasion of Mauni Amavasya, while in scriptures it is already mentioned that the rituals of bathing and donating sesame on Maghi Purnima is important. Mauni Amavasya: Festival of Increasing Positive Energy Astrology kart astrologer says that the whole month is considered special for controlling the mind by doing silent meditation. By going in a silent meditation it helps in increasing the speaking power, those who are unable to keep quiet for a day, a half hours, then their inner disorders will be destroyed and new and positive energy is transmitted.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga on Mauni Amavasya

Mauni Amavasya was on 1st February. According to astrologers of the astrology kart, they say that along with the two festivals Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga Uttarashada and Shravan Nakshatra, will be celebrated on this day. There is a culture or a belief that to get the blessings of the ancestors they must do the tarpan. Doing different kinds of Sadhana and praying for your ancestor in silent meditation. Talk to Astrologer, and for this reason, Mauni Amavasya day is considered to be the best day. It is considered that if you take a holy dip and go for a silence meditation it will erase all the negativities and there is a huge importance of this meditation. As per the scriptures, virtue is usually obtained by silently chanting all the praying than by speaking all the mantras in a loud way.

On 16 February is the Maghi Purnima

Maghi Purnima will be on 16th February. Astrologer of Astrology kart says that on the day of Maghi Purnima, bathing in the holy river and donating will fulfill all your desires. The astrologer also states that as the scripture of Brahma Vaivarta Purana, it is written that in the Ganges water Lord Vishnu resides on this day. There is a culture that on the day of Maghi Purnima people takes bath in holy water like Ganges water, or just touching the water will be a blessing. That is the reason why people visit all across the country reach to their nearest holy river just to take bath and pray for their ancestors after bathing. Even they donate fruits also.

 Shradh for ancestors

On both the festivals this day is considered best for offering to ancestors and for Shradh. There is a belief that if you donate land, food, or water to your ancestors their souls will be satisfied. The people must feed Brahmins which also includes the couple on this day. Chat with Astrologer, on this day, the ancestors are satisfied by donating water, food, land donation, and items of the food for their ancestors.

According to the scriptures, the law has been told to do some religious work on this full moon like

  • On this day first thing which generally people do is worship the temple of Lord Vishnu.
  • On this day it is believed that if you feed the Brahmins couple with the food then the ancestor will be satisfied in heaven.
  • Donate clothes, food, some sesame seeds, blankets to the needy, cotton, jaggery (gud), ghee, shoes, fruits like (apple, orange, grapes), grains like( rice, lentils) to the handicapped after performing the Shradh for your ancestors.
  • On this day one should not shout, scream, speak loudly, and avoid all kinds of domestic affliction. We should help the poor and needy. No one should be insulted.