Corona-Virus A Philosophical And Spiritual Reading

Corona-Virus A Philosophical And Spiritual Reading What can we learn about ourselves, Nature, and the world from the coronavirus crisis? In terms of philosophy and spirituality, how should the Covid-19 epidemic be interpreted? The coronavirus outbreak is causing havoc in our lives and thoughts. The pandemic dilemma reveals our inability to control things we believed we could: market economy, panic movements, habit deregulation, and future fear. Chat with Astrologer. Humans, as predators animals, are rediscovering that they can be threatened on a large scale by a virus, a living form that feeds and replicates in the cells of other living organisms. The appearance of the coronavirus demonstrates the depth of our society's spiritual crisis. The role of the philosopher in the face of a large-scale ordeal is to show a new path of thought and action amid dread. Indeed, the battle over how to overcome fear is also fought in the privacy of our minds. The coronavirus "crisis" causes us to ponder our own lives, as well as the meaning of life and humanity. Ways to deal in spiritual as well as the philosophical approach in this pandemic.

  • Fear and the Coronavirus 

Astrology Advice Online, Fear is the first reaction to the coronavirus's arrival, which is widely communicated and amplified by the media. The latter, like a brain suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, repeats alarming information again and over. As a result, fear sets in fear of illness, death, seeing everything called into question, fear of losing your job, savings, habits, and loved ones.

 • Fear is a typical response, linked to the key preference for security. Our reptilian brain is home to our survival instinct (one of Freud's "it" components). He tries to persuade us to think of the virus as evil, as the ultimate foe. Infected,

 • Fear is not inherently negative; it is one of the aspects that can help us save our lives. Modern man, on the other hand, is more than a collection of reflexes and instinctive indoctrination; his conscience compels him to explore deeper. 

Refocusing and Rebalancing 

Let's take a step back, to be precise.

 • Viruses are also abundant in our bodies: for the most part harmless, they multiply in the billions to infect the bacteria that live in our intestines, boosting the overall balance of our important functions. Viruses, in other words, play an important part in our interior environment.

 • Around 8% of our genome is thought to be obtained from viruses and retroviruses, implying that we are linked to viruses or that viruses have played a significant role in our evolution, with many virus pathogens becoming "collaborative."

 • Viruses, like humans, are living entities that are aggressive at first, but then tend to collaborate. They describe life's strange mechanism, this phenomenon that feeds off of its internal fights to promote its growth and total contentment. 

The true nature of the "crisis" caused by the coronavirus.

 • We're starting to realize that the crisis isn't caused by the coronavirus, but by humanity itself, Talk to Astrologer, in the sense, that man develops a skewed relationship with Nature and the world, and thus with himself. Panic reveals that we live in deception: deception about the permanence of things, deception about knowledge and mastery, deception about immortality, deception about freedom, deception about being loved by our soulmate, and deception about our superiority over the living, 

It's all about ourselves, our conscience, and how we relate to reality.

  • Man has for far too long believed that he could understand and master everything, even though he is a living being among others. He destroyed God's memory (described as "universal law") and replaced him with his own set of laws. He had forgotten his true nature: that of a living being evolving in a complex ecosystem in which everything is interconnected, constantly evolving, and live feeds on itself. As a result, the coronavirus crisis forces us to refocus on what matters most: the mechanism of life, our state of being alive on par with other species, and the natural laws. 
  • Acceptance is a road of love, tranquilly, and joy. It's the acceptance that everything is as it should be. It is the refusal to pass judgement on anything, whether good or harmful. It is the renunciation of our erroneous ambitions. It's the act of letting go. It also catalyzes optimism, assistance, and unity. Contact to best consult Vedic astrology. ϖ The coronavirus is a virus that can kill you. 
  • According to, For humans, the coronavirus is synonymous with death, which is viewed as a dramatic and unpleasant event on the physical plane. Above all, death is a means for life to progress. Aside from personal and familial disasters, the coronavirus heralds a new era. 
  • It is not simply the result of natural selection, but also a "rebirth" of humanity. Indeed, the crisis has the potential to alter behaviour, bringing with it new questions, views, and humanist concepts 
  • On a more personal level, the virus allows us to gain a better understanding of ourselves. Beyond illusions, our true nature is exposed. Mentally, we'll have to die a few times before eventually seeing the truth: it's the end of our illusions. 
  • There's a lot to learn and comprehend from the coronavirus outbreak. 
  • The most important thing is to break free from any type of good-versus-evil dichotomy. Good and terrible, drama and discovery, tears and future delights are all part of the coronavirus epidemic. It may allow humanity to refocus to progress farther in harmony with Nature while maintaining relationships with others.