Terms And Conditions

This agreement, titled "Member Terms of Use," applies to all users ("members") who access and/or use the Astrology Kart platform for online Astrologer consultation.

What exactly is Astrology Kart?

Astrology Kart gives a platform for members to find an Astrologer and get guidance and counsel from these Astrologers. Astrology Kart provides a platform for one-on-one connection between users and Astrologers via direct consultation (chat or phone), texts, and the ability to pay for services obtained from an Astrologer.

Astrology Kart's telephone function, i.e. the Talk To Astrologer service, is accessible in India and in different countries.


Users/Members are entirely responsible for verifying an Astrologer's identification, credentials, qualifications, licences, biographic information, and so on. Astrology Kart is not responsible for confirming such information. This is only for entertainment purposes.

The User/Member acknowledges that these Astrologers are not employees, agents, or representatives of Astrology Kart, and that Astrology Kart accepts no responsibility for the behaviour of any such Astrologer.

All of the Astrologers are self - employed of Astrology Kart, and because they work as freelancers, Astrology Kart cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy, or reliability of the information or support supplied by an Astrologer.

Astrology Kart also does not evaluate –

  • An Astrologer's qualification to guide on a certain subject.
  • Whether an Astrologer is appropriately classified to guide a member in a desired field.
  • Whether an Astrologer's or a Member's postings on our website or Application are relevant, suitable, and correct.

Members/Users should not depend on or make any critical legal, health, financial, or other choices based on the advice of an Astrologer. Astrology Kart highly advises consulting a certified specialist in person for medical or mental health advice.

  • You (members/users) agree to the following terms by using our website or Application:
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are under the age of 18, you must not use or register for our services or provide us with any personal information. Astrology Kart has the right to immediately suspend a member's account and remove any information if we suspect the member is under the age of 18.
  • To obtain any personalized experience, you must first register with Astrology Kart. So, ensure that the information you provide at the time of registering the details must be accurate, true, and full, and that you will update and maintain this information on a regular basis during the period of this agreement to preserve the information's correctness and accuracy.
  • The Astrology Kart 'Talk To Astrologer' service allows you to speak with our Astrologers on voice call and get answers to your questions. If you use this service and request a call from our Astrologers, you allow us your unrestricted permission to enable a call between you and our Astrologers on your provided contact number, even if your number is on DND service provided by your Mobile Service Provider.
  • You would never disrupt, manipulate, or damage the integrity of our website's and application's feedback rating system. Astrology Kart has the right, in its sole discretion, to delete earlier ratings or even exclude some ratings if the integrity of the rating system is put at risk.
  • You will never disrupt or try to interfere with Astrology Kart's servers, networks, or You will never disrupt or try to interfere with Astrology Kart's servers, networks, or equipment.
  • You will never disrupt or try to interfere with Astrology Kart's servers, networks, or equipment.
  • You will never attempt to gain illegal access to any computer system or network linked to Astrology Kart.
  • You will not use the website for any unlawful acts.
  • You will not post, email, upload, transmit, or otherwise make available through the Astrology Kart platform: (a) any kind of junk mail, spam, bulletin board postings, or any suspicious email; (b) any kind of abusive, vulgar, threatening, defaming, baseless, unlawful, racist, obscene, or otherwise harmful or objectionable material; or (c) any kind of material, data, or information that breaches or attempts to breach any third-party rights.
  • You will not seek to violate any set of rules, laws, guidelines, or ethical codes.
  • Astrology Kart may also allow members and Astrologers to exchange files. You must check such files with an anti-virus software application before opening them on your system or device.
  • You will not impersonate or claim to be any person or entity, or state false details about your job or relationship with any person or organization.
  • You will not threaten, harass, or stalk any other member or Astrologer, or violate or seek to violate their privacy.
  • You will not use abusive or objectionable language on the website or when communicating with our Astrologers in any form, including but not limited to chats, calls, texts, and forums. If you violate this, your Astrology Kart account will be terminated and the whole cash in your Astrology Kart wallet will be seized.
  • Astrology Kart has the right to evaluate each Member's personal profile and rectify or modify any spelling or typing errors.
  • Astrology Kart may, in its prior approval, (a) refuse to communicate or post, or (b) remove or delete any content uploaded by a member.
  • If any Member/User of Astrology Kart violates any of the above-mentioned terms, then the account of that User will be terminated with immediate effect and the amount in the User’s Astrology Kart wallet will be seized and not be refunded.
  • Upgrades and Service Cancellation


Astrology Kart maintains the right to suspend or modify any service, either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to Members, and without liability to the Member or any third party. Astrology Kart reserves the right, at its discretion of the court, to cancel a member's subscription in its services, as well as to refuse current or future usage to the Member, with no refund.


All contacts between you and an Astrologer, whether online or offline, will be invoiced through the Astrology Kart platform. When using Astrology Kart services, you agree to accept the payment terms agreed upon with an Astrologer and to pay Astrology Kart the requisite fee for the services offered to you through the Astrologers.

To make your payments more convenient, you must add money to your Astrology Kart wallet, which is available to all Members for free. Your money is going to be withdrawn from your wallet's particular ways as incurred, either while offering services or during a session with an Astrologer. You may recharge your Astrology Kart wallet by selecting one of the accessible payment options. It is your duty to ensure that the account information you provided is always correct and up to date, and that you fully agree to allow the use of your card and payment information. You may be need to use your email or OTP to authenticate your profile or mode of payment.

Payments are confirmed for each transaction executed through your account. You will be charged in accordance with the terms with the amounts mentioned on the website or application.

In the situation of an invalid payment method, a member may incur outstanding dues, and Astrology Kart holds the right to charge the online payments associated to the Member's account, including taxes and late fees, until these payments are settled in full.

Time expenses are calculated on a per-minute basis using Astrology Kart's servers. A tiny proportion of a minute is always rounded up to a full minute. It is important to mentioned that no payment system is fault-free, and the same is applicable for the Astrology Kart payment gateway. As a result, Astrology Kart will not be held liable for any such inaccuracies or glitches during payment processing. If you believe a pricing error has occurred or if you seek explanations on your invoiced amount, please contact our support team members.


  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you are disappointed with our services, please contact us at info@astrologykart.com within 24 hours of making your payment. It will be launched by us and credited to your Astrology Kart wallet within 2-3 business days. Please remember that each user's refund will be handled only once, and no further refund requests will be granted. Unless you have already claimed your refund, you will not be eligible to receive a refund for future usage of any of our services. The reliability of a refund request will be determined solely at the discretion of Astrology Kart, and we reserve the overall right to approve or refuse the same according on the nature of the request.
  • If the Client provides misinformation, no refund or cancellation will be executed. The User pledges to be extra careful when sharing any details over their matter and to double-check while sending their concerns and interviewing our Astrologers.
  • If the User inputs a false mobile number when using our 'Talk To Astrologer' option, we will not accept any refunds or cancellations. Our customers are asked to remain their mobile phone numbers in a better network area and to answer anytime calls that come in. Astrology Kart may not be obliged in any manner for any refund or cancellation for any session that is connected.
  • As of present, the 'Talk to Astrologer' services is only available in India and non-Indians who add money to their Astrology Kart pocket to use this service will not be refunded. In such a circumstance, Astrology Kart accepts no responsibility.
  • Members/Users should not depend on or make any legal, health, financial, or other vital choices based on an Astrologer's advice.
  • Astrology Kart holds no duty or responsibility for the accuracy or performance of the Astrological solutions offered by the Astrologers.
  • Taking the assistance and consultation of Astrologers on Astrology Kart is purely at the Users' choices and will.
  • It is advisable that members/users are caution in such situations; Astrology Kart cannot provide a refund on such conditions.
  • In the occasion of a payment failure or delay due to server or network failures on Astrology Kart's website/app or on the payment gateway page tied with Astrology Kart, the User must review his/her bank account for any money deducted. If the sum has been deducted, please email us at info@astrologykart.com to tell us and validate successful payment. If the money is not deducted, you can re - submit your request for payment.
  • Astrology Kart accepts no responsibility if you make so many payments for a single session with an Astrologer and the additional money is credited to your Astrology Kart wallet. You will only be charged for the services you have purchased.
  • Astrology Kart reserves the right to refuse or cancel any Chat/Call session request made by the User for any basis. Your request may be terminated for a number of reasons, including, but not restricted to, a modification in the price conditions, failure of the service, or any other issue. If the User has paid for a service and it is cancelled, the amount paid will be credited to the User's Astrology Kart wallet.
  • If any user or member uses abusive or inappropriate language on the website or when connecting with our Astrologers in any means that includes chats, calls, then your Astrology Kart account will be suspended and your entire money in your Astrology Kart wallet will be seized. In such cases, you will not be able to claim a refund.
  • If any Astrology Kart Member/User breaches any of the terms listed in our Terms and Conditions then that User's account will be suspended immediately, and the cash in the User's Astrology Kart wallet will be freezed and the wallet amount not be refunded.


We at Astrology Kart ("we" or "Astrology Kart") take the confidentiality of the user you provide us very seriously. We prepared this privacy policy to demonstrate our dedication to privacy. Please read this carefully to understand how we manage all information you provide us at Astrology Kart.

You are currently accessing the website www.astrologykart.com, which is owned and administered by Astrology Kart and will be referred to as "the website" from here on. The privacy of site users and customers is essential to the company. This is why Astrology Kart has created a Privacy Statement. It is our written guarantee to you that your privacy will always be one of our top priorities. This privacy statement controls the website's privacy policy in the following categories:

  • Members, users, and site visitors who visit Astrology Kart but do not conduct any activity or make any transactions.
  • Site visitors and potential customers who formally register on this site to conduct business with Astrology Kart on this website in the future.
  • Site visitors who use the services made available to site visitors and customers

    "Personally Identifiable Information" refers to information or data that may be used to identify the contact, communicate with, or trace the individual to whom the data belong. Among them are:

  • Your Name
  • Your physical postal or mailing address
  • Phone number or mobile number
  • Your e-mail address or addresses
  • Your government-issued identity number
  • Your data, such as bank and credit card information
  • Your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail login and password information, if you choose to use your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail to connect to our website; and any other information we feel can assist us in identifying you.
  • Information obtained anonymously is not considered "personally identifiable information." It also excludes broad demographic information obtained from site visitors or clients without identifying them.

  • The PII is generally collected from Authorized Customers and Users.
  • Astrology Kart only gathers the following information from consumers who are able and willing to do business with us:
  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Card Information when you place a purchase for our services on our website
  • Bank information when you place an order for our services on our website.


Although we collect personal financial information about you on our websites, such as your credit card number, debit card number, or bank account number, we never have access to, collect, or archive this information because it is collected directly by the financial institution like payment gateways authorized to process your credit or debit card.

The following information is only required if you opt to use our astrological services:

  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Place
  • Birth Time
  • Gender
  • No personally identifying information (PII) or data is ever gathered from site users who visit the website just to evaluate its content and resources.
  • The major reason for gathering personally identifiable information is to do business. Never will personal information be sold, transferred, or traded with a third party. Customers are required to disclose this personally identifiable information to Astrology Kart only after reading and comprehending the Terms of Use, Contract Statements, and other necessary information available on this website. It is fully disclosed to the administrators of this website.
  • All site users' basic NPII (Non-personally identifying information) is gathered in an automated manner and includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Method of access to the website
  • Amount of time spent on the website in minutes
  • Search engine or Internet directory used to access the website
  • This website is linked to external web pages
  • Landing and exit pages of the site used by visitors and customers
  • Information about visitors' and customers' locations
  • The time zone and local time of site visitors and customers


In addition to Astrology Kart, third-party service providers and service vendors such as banking institutions, credit card companies, credit card processors, clearinghouses, and other authorized financial entities are authorized to collect this information from our customers on our behalf for business to be conducted smoothly and professionally. We regrettably have no direct control over how these third parties use personal information. We do, however, request (in writing) that they disclose how they utilize the information submitted to them by our clients. We also utilize personally identifiable information to contact site users and customers, either to answer their questions or to notify them about the site's incentives and promotional activities.
Site users and customers have several ways to opt out of all transactional agreements that entail the transmission of sensitive information. Visitors and customers can utilize the "unsubscribe" link to opt-out of any future communications. They can also opt-out of future messages by following the instructions included in the e-mail correspondence. Communication of this type may take the form of the following:

  • Astrology Kart publishes e-newsletters and blogs regularly.
  • E-mail solicitations urging you to join up for a specific service based on a membership subscription
  • Single or double opt-in e-mail communications delivered to your Inbox to promote an astrology-related service
  • Promotional announcements and incentives


Customers' and site visitors' personal information is kept in a highly secure environment. This information is only accessible to authorized entities. The website has implemented several reducing practices and techniques to assure that personal information is not abused, transferred, or sent without our knowledge and agreement. We take care to maintain your confidentiality and privacy as the custodian of your personal information.

Changes to the Astrology Kart privacy statement

If we feel the need to change or amend our privacy policy statement, we will issue a notification on this website. However, if the update or modification requires the disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII) previously covered by this privacy statement, such information will not be shared without your prior consent. Please keep in mind that if you leave our website and navigate to another website via a link, the privacy policies of that website, not ours, will govern your full rights to access that website. Express your concerns or for clarification, please use the feedback form or the contact form on the contact us page or you can reach us at info@astrologykart.com


On our website, we DO NOT gather any payment information. Third-party payment gateways gather and handle it in a safe manner. We adhere to relevant established criteria, technical safeguards, and administrative safeguards to protect information and use of your submitted information. You should be aware, however, that neither we nor any other website can completely remove all risk.


Links to other websites may be found on our website. Astrology Kart is not responsible for the privacy violations of third-party websites.

Please feel free to reach us at info@astrologykart.com

User Account Access

Astrology Kart should have access to the account that is registered and the data that the user provides in order to offer the best and quality services to the User and to appropriately resolve the demands and concerns of the user. The User therefore allows Astrology Kart, its team members, or the astrologers unfettered access to their account for the purpose of resolving the User's concerns (if any) and any other alleged misconduct or activity notified.

Third-Party Websites

In Astrology Kart may also be made available through a third-party website. If you accessed the Astrology Kart platform or any of its services through a third-party website, your use may be governed by the terms and conditions released by that third party. Astrology Kart shall not be liable for any such third party's policies, terms and conditions, omissions, or activities.


Astrology Kart accepts no responsibility for the opinion, verification, analysis, evaluation, or promotion of any Astrologer's skills, claims, background, or skill, or for any answer, advise, recommendation, prediction, information, or other service supplied by any Astrologer. Astrology Kart shall not be considered the distributor of any of the services offered by an Astrologer or any other information received via the services.

Member agrees and acknowledges that the Astrology Kart chat platform is provided "as is" and that he or she will not be liable to Astrology Kart, its employees, affiliates, directors, representatives, shareholders, officers, agencies, for any demand or claim made in relation to the Astrology Kart website or/and application. The use of expert services from the astrologer is fully at the responsibility of the member.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, astrological kart disclaims all warranties, implicit or inferred, (including but not limited to) warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, reliability, security, accuracy, or non-infringement.

Astrology Kart does not believe in, and shall not be liable for:

(a) the availability and accuracy of the chat or call platform; or

(b) any damages relating to or originating from the Astrologer's end and/or any advice, recommendation, information, response, prediction, opinions, and/or support offered (or not provided) by an Astrologer.

Astrology Kart provides no assurances that services will always be available or that they will be error-free, timely, or secure at all times.


The Website may include content and links, including paid advertisements (on behalf of third parties or on its own behalf) related to the products, websites, and/or services offered by third parties, and Astrology Kart has no control over any of these types of linked content provided by any of the third parties. Astrology Kart officially disclaims any responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites to which links may be found on any of its pages.

As a member, users accept and agree that Astrology Kart is not subject to liability for such third-party content, websites, links, services, or products and will not be responsible for anything related to them, and that Astrology Kart will not be directly or indirectly liable for any damage or loss suffered or claimed by or in relation to the use of or relied on any such website, link, content, or services.


The Website may contain copyrighted content, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary information owned by the Company or its associates or licensors. As a result, this Agreement does not provide the User any rights to any intellectual property that occurs on the sites or in any services provided by the firm. Any User may not create a derivative or similar technology or work based on any Intellectual Property owned by the Company, its affiliates, or its licensors. Members may not assign, sub-let or sub-license, sell, transfer, or utilize their Astrology Kart membership for commercial purposes in any way. You agree not to utilize the services for commercial purposes without the express written authorization of Astrology Kart.

All Intellectual Property is owned solely by the company, its suppliers, and connected entities. Unless otherwise stated or expressly proposed or suggested in this Agreement, Company, its suppliers, and affiliated entities shall own all Intellectual Property and material shown on the Websites, including copies of data supplied or received by Members through the Site. This clause will remain in effect even if this Agreement is terminated or expires.


Members explicitly agree and understand that astrology kart, its affiliates, and any of the above- mentioned directors, shareholders, agents, and employees are not liable to any third party for any incidental, indirect, special, vital, harsh, or praiseworthy damages, including (but not limited to) loss of revenue or profits, data, use, or other economic benefits.

Furthermore, the member understands and agrees that astrology disclaims any claims or legal responsibility in connection with any action or suit brought by an expert in connection with service payments made by the member, and that the member agrees to defend, pay compensation, and hold astrology kart harmless in link for any such claims.

The following omissions and limits will apply regardless no matter whether the action to be brought arises from agreement, in crime, or otherwise, and regardless of the failure of any negligence or remedy's essential purpose.


Members agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Astrology Kart, its affiliates, and their employees, directors, officers, representatives, consultants, and agents (collectively referred to as the "Indemnified Parties") harmless from any and all losses, suits, damages, expenses, verdicts, and costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees and litigation costs) resulting out of or in relation with any suit, action, claim, or other proceedings brought against an Indemnified Party in connection with:

(a) a violation of any warranty, representation, agreement, or promise made or to be made by Member in accordance with this Agreement.

(b) Member's refusal to pay for Astrologer services;

(c) Member's refusal to pay for Astrologer services;

(d) Use of any Astrology Kart by a member.

This clause will remain in effect even if the Agreement is terminated or expires.


We expect our Astrologers, Members, and visitors to respect Astrology Kart's and others' intellectual property rights. Users who breach the terms of service and interfere with the intellectual property rights of others will have their accounts and access terminated immediately. If you suspect that someone has breached your rights to intellectual property or copied your articles or any other material, please contact us at info@astrologykart.com with full information.


Astrology Kart may send notices or other messages regarding changes to this Agreement and/or modifications to any feature of the Astrology Kart website or application via email, or by publishing the same on the website. The date of the notification shall be taken to be the date of the modification of these terms. Notices to Astrology Kart must be delivered through express delivery or normal mail to the following address:

Dada Complex, N Market Road,
Bhucchar Gali, Upper Bazaar,
Ranchi, Jharkhand-834001

You may not allocate your responsibilities or rights under this Agreement without Astrology Kart's prior written approval.

Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to imply that each party is the other's partner, agent, joint venture, employer, legal representative, or employee. Neither party shall have or represent to a third party that they have any power to make declarations, commitments, or representations of any kind, or to take actions that are binding on the other, unless the party to be bound provides written authority.

This Agreement shall only be read in accordance with the laws of the State of India, and any legal procedure arising out of this Agreement will take place solely in Indian courts.

This Agreement shall be the sole signed agreement and will be used for the benefit of the parties' legal agents, administrators, and assigns. This Agreement (and the policies mentioned herein and incorporated by reference) establishes the entire agreement between Astrology Kart and Members in relation to the subject matter, and Members have not relied on any promises or representations made by the Company in relation to the subject matter other than that set forth herein.

Entities or individuals located in territories that are forbidden by law from engaging in commercial relations with India are not allowed to access or access the Astrology Kart platform.

No modification to this Agreement shall be valid unless made in writing. If a court of appropriate jurisdiction rules that any part of this Agreement is invalid, unlawful, invalid, or otherwise illegal, the remaining sections of the Agreement decided to continue in full force and effect.


If you have any queries, please contact us at our Registered Office:

Dada Complex, N Market Road,
Bhucchar Gali, Upper Bazaar,
Ranchi, Jharkhand-834001